Sarah O'Meara

JiveWorks is Now Live With Version 9.0.1!

Blog Post created by Sarah O'Meara Employee on Apr 5, 2017

Hello, JiveWorks! Have you noticed anything different coming into JiveWorks today? If you have, that's because we are now running on Jive 9.0.1!


When did it happen?

The upgrade started at 5pm PT last night (April 4th), and our team immediately started working on the upgrade.  Their hard work and preparation paid off, because we were back online 5 hours later! We had estimated 8 hours, but our team got things done smoothly and efficiently.


What's different?

Want to learn more about our cool new features and see what Jive 9 has to offer? Check out the Jive 9 Upgrade Planning Guide and start with Step 1: Learn What's New in Jive 9. Since we are 9.0.1, you may want to check out fixed issues for this release: Jive 9.0.1 for Hosted and On-Premise is now available.


What do I need to do?

In the upgrade process, some keys were reset. If you are experiencing issues, please restart your browser or clear your cache and try it again. Still experiencing problems? Please let us know by creating a question in AureaWorks Community Help.


Thank you for all your support, JiveWorks! Let us know what you think of the upgrade, if you discover any cool tips or tricks for Jive 9, or are experiencing any persistent issues!