Libby Taylor

Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on Sep 27, 2016

You may have heard me talk about the Unicorn badge here in the Jive Community. It's a badge that I personally give to people who help me out with special tasks. You know you want it, maybe you even covet it when you see others getting it. Eh hem Dina Vekaria-Patel.


Deep in your soul, you know you're a unicorn.



Now's your chance to earn the "Yes, You Are A Unicorn" badge and also earn a ton of advocate points in the process


Here's the deal for anyone who is interested. Starting in October, we'd like to engage a community manager in each of these active "communities of practice" : The specified item was not found. and [ARCHIVE] Jive External Communities. The position is volunteer and temporary and any member of the Advocate program can apply. In exchange for being a community manager to either place for a three month assignment, we're offering a whopping 500 Jive Advocate Points. For anyone who is interested in earning their way into JiveWorld, this is likely the simplest and most effective way to get there.


Here's how it works:

Basically, you get to do what you do best: be a community manager to a community of community managers. Participants must be willing to commit to the following activities for a three month period, including the following:

  • Routine monitoring of new questions and conversations posted to the space, checking in at least once a week and responding to or escalating open discussions. Don't worry, there will be Jivers to back you up. But in these special communities of practice, we realize that it's really YOU, the community, that have the most value to offer. Feel free to bring other customer advocates into the conversation or point to docs or blog posts that answer the member's question. You know the drill here, you got this.
  • Regular sharing of helpful content and resources via at least one new blog post published per month. Now, don't be intimidated by this part. You can share links to helpful resources and discuss why they're helpful. Or you can whip up something original and see what others think. Or perhaps ask a question that's top of mind and have other community members weigh in. The key is providing something useful to these communities of practice, as a fellow practitioner yourself. We all know that part of keeping a community engaged involves a regular stream of helpful and/or interesting content. We see members post blogs all the time, so we know you've can cover this one as well.


If this sounds interesting, send a direct message to me, Libby Taylor, (or you can email me at indicating which space you'd like to commit to ( either The specified item was not found. and [ARCHIVE] Jive External Communities ) and include two to three sentences on why you'd like to be considered. HINT: to send me a direct message here in the community, you must follow me and I will follow you back. If I get multiple interested people, we might schedule out the whole year!


And don't forget all the other ways you can continue to earn Jive Advocate Points and all the ways you can redeem them: NEW: How to Earn Jive Advocate Points in JiveWorks


To see the open spots and the on-going sign up: Volunteer Community Managers for Peer-to-Peer Places