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The following update pertains only to this Jive Community at the URL: Your own communities are not impacted by this change.


Changes to the privacy of every Jive Community user's profile are planned for August 1.

In order to comply with data privacy regulations, Jive will be introducing privacy-friendly default settings to improve user control over the use of profile data. Any fields containing personal data (any information that could be used to identify a person) will be default set to be private to the User (or "Yourself").


The policy requirement is to set the following to Private to the User (Yourself):

  • Name
  • Email (personal and company)
  • Phone (personal and company)


On August 1, the following will occur:

  • The default for Name, Email, and Phone fields in Jive Community profiles will be set to 'Yourself'. This will reset any settings you may have made previously to your profile privacy.
    • Most other fields will be set to 'Registered Users'...
    • With the exception of Username, WorkType and Profile Images which will be set to 'Public'.
  • Other fields will be removed:
    • Home address
    • Alternate name
    • Alternate phone number and email
  • The privacy policy link will be added to all registration screens for the Jive Community so that new registrants will be aware of our privacy policy.


The Impact to YOU

You will no longer be able to see the real name (i.e. First Last: Joe Smith) for other members of the Jive Community unless they choose to set their profile privacy setting for Registered User visibility. Username (i.e. 'joe.smith') will be visible, however, which may not be helpful if the person has set their username to 'happypuppy.' This includes Jivers as well. Luckily, Jive follows the protocol 'first.last' for most Jive employee user names in the Jive Community.


While this action is being taken to protect your privacy, I would understand if some of you have concerns. I want to take this moment to reaffirm that these changes are necessary to protect your right to data privacy.


Specifically, our goal is to:


  1. Provide transparency and options for users to make informed decisions about the use of their personal data;
  2. To foster and maintain user trust through clear information about how their information will be shared;
  3. Comply with user rights recognized in national, regional and international privacy frameworks and respect the privacy standards of all countries where Jive operates; and
  4. Discourage and/or further improve measures against illegal activities, such as spamming or identity theft.


We understand that people may place value on having access to certain information, such as a community member's name. As such, we urge all customers to update their privacy settings as shown below if they would like to make their information more visible to others in the community.


ACTION: Update your profile settings AFTER August 1*

To make your name visible to the community after the default setting has been changed on August 1, follow these steps:


  1. Under your profile menu, select Edit Profile > Privacy
  2. Update your profile setting for Name, Email or Telephone for the visibility you prefer.
  3. Select Save at the bottom of the screen.


* Any setting changes made prior to the reset on August 1 will be updated to the default as a result of this change. Please wait until AFTER August 1 to make any changes to your privacy settings.

Note: If you are unable to save your settings (see comments below), please check that you have the Company, Title, and Expertise fields completed in your profile before you attempt to save the new privacy settings.