Libby Taylor

Jive Community is Upgrading to on Thursday, June 2, at 5 pm PT

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on May 24, 2016

You heard me right, the Jive Community is getting an upgrade!


We'll be moving this community from version 8.0.1 to on Thursday, June 2, starting at 5 pm PT. The system will be in maintenance mode for around 6-8 hours and will not be accessible during that time.


Your individual communities will not be impacted by this upgrade. The Jive Community is a hosted community and completely separate from our customer's communities. The only impact to you is that this community will be offline during the upgrade, so you will not be able to submit support cases in your secret support groups. Please call the support service line for any emergency support. The phone number will be listed on the maintenance page in case of an emergency.


Highlighted features with version


Besides the obvious reason of being on the latest and greatest hosted Jive platform, moving to version brings the following benefits which are of particular interest to the Jive Community:


  • Better spam controls: We will be able to use the Spam Prevention Services in the product. The Jive Spam Prevention Service filters all new or edited content on the community. Content that is flagged as spam will be placed into the moderation queue.

  • Synonym support in search: The synonym search feature improves search results by allowing you to create lists of synonyms. For example, you might want a search for "big" to return results for "large", and vice versa. Or, if your users search using terms specific to your industry, you might want to set up a synonym that associates commonly used terms, such as "mobile" and "phone".
  • SEO improvements: Linking search results to the first page of a thread, correctly interpreting author and date, and more.


If you have any questions or concerns about this upgrade, please don't hesitate to reach out to me in the comments below.