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Hello Jive Community!


We're in the process of cleaning up the Jive Community architecture, spaces and groups in order to make this community sparkle and shine; as well as focus traffic in key areas. You'll start to see more blog posts like these from me about the impacts of these efforts.




Cleaning up the Blogs

We're starting the clean-up with our two dedicated blog places here in the Jive Community, Blogs and The specified item was not found..


On Friday afternoon, April 29, 2016 to Monday morning, May 2:

We will be combining these two places into one, with the following benefits:

  • One-stop for Jive and community member thought leadership!
  • One-place to follow and visit for the latest in blog content.
  • Community members will still be able to post blogs (it will now occur in Jive Talks).


What you need to know

Specifically, I will be moving the content from Social Business into Jive Talks. If you are following Social Business, we urge you to follow Blogs now. Also, I will not be moving or changing the blogs that are currently published in some of our peer-to-peer, partner or developer spaces. All those spaces will remain unaltered by this exercise in cleaning.


  • You may receive system notifications regarding new blogs being published in Blogs (please note, these are simply the blogs being moved) if you are following the Jive Talks blog in your InBox. Even with the selection for "update streams" turned off, you will still receive these notifications. You can simply delete them or check out some of our older blogs, if you so desire.
  • Only content pertinent to currently supported versions of the software were moved (there were quite a few blogs relating to older features or versions).


Action for you

There's nothing you need to do to enjoy the new set-up. The blogs posted in Jive Talks will continue to flow to the News link in our main navigation menu and the Blogs space will be featured under the About Us menu as well.


If you have any direct links to any content in the The specified item was not found., you'll need to update the links after the move. For example, if you published a blog in Social Business blogs, and shared that link with your coworkers or social network, you'll need to update those links to the new URL after the move is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Thanks!