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Hey there Jive Community members,


On Friday, March 11, we will be turning off the automated email digests that are sent from this Jive Community and replace them with curated newsletters. We'll have a monthly newsletter for general community members as well as a newsletter targeted at our customer community members. This Thursday (March 10, 2016) is the last automated digest that you will receive here in the Jive Community. In addition to being emailed to  you, the curated newsletters will also get posted as blogs in the Blogs and Jive Customer Hub places and will appear in the News feed as a result. We are covering all of the communication bases with this change.


Note: This does not impact the digests that you receive from your own communities and does also not impact the product in any way. This is simply a decision for this community, The Jive Community, to communicate in a more effective way with our members.


The benefits of moving to this model are:


  • You'll get targeted information for the hottest content and places
  • You won't miss the important stuff (such as product updates or executive posts)
  • We'll be able to track your responsiveness to content (via click-though tracking)
  • We'll be able to be more responsive as we learn what you like and don't like


For those of you who rely on the digests for updates as well as enjoy the reminder to get into the community, we hope that our curated monthly newsletters can serve the same purpose. And if you miss having a completely personalized content feed, we can show you how to set up custom connections streams for which you can also receive a regular email notification.


Thanks for being a member of the Jive Community!