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A brand new game for JiveWorks

The JiveWorks community aims to be a place where Jive customers, champions, employees and experts meet and collaborate.  Our goal is to be the best example of a community that we possibly can be.  In order to promote that idea, we're introducing a new game for JiveWorks members to compete in.


Our goals for gamifying JiveWorks

  • Encourage peer-to-peer support amongst our customers, partners, and Jive employees
  • Provide a guided set of tasks for new users onboarding into the JiveWorks community
  • Incentivize completion of key profile data that helps a user establish their identity in the community
  • Reward members for engaging with one another


The new status levels

The theme for our new status levels is simply the word "Community."  What kinds of people do you find in a community, and how do they hold that community together?  Here are the levels:



New missions with badges

Complete these missions and we'll reward you with a special badge on your profile signifying your contribution for others to see.  Some of these missions have multiple levels, so keep up the hard work in order to earn the higher-level badges.

Badge ImageMission nameDescription
239596_Admit-One_missionBadge_100x.pngAdmit OneLog in 10 times in 30 days
239596_Blogger_missionBadge_100x.pngBloggerAwarded for your first blog in the Social Business space
239596_Inquisitive-Lvl1_missionBadge_100x.pngInquisitive (multiple levels)Ask questions!
239596_Influencer-Lvl1_missionBadge_100x.pngInfluencer (multiple levels)Get followed!
239596_Responder-Lvl1_missionBadge_100x.pngResponder (multiple levels)Add comments!
239596_Crackerjack-Lvl1_missionBadge_100x.pngCrackerjack (multiple levels)Answer questions!
239596_Helper-Lvl1_missionBadge_100x.pngHelper (multiple levels)Get your reply marked helpful!
239596_Help-the-Helper-Lvl1_missionBadge_100x.pngHelp the Helpers (multiple levels)Mark other replies helpful!
239596_Correct-Lvl1_missionBadge_100x.pngCorrect (multiple levels)Get your reply marked correct!
239596_Seal-of-Approval-Lvl1_missionBadge_100x.pngSeal of Approval (multiple levels)Mark replies to your questions as Correct!


Other ways to earn points

  • Get your reply marked correct
  • Get your reply marked helpful
  • Post a question
  • Create a discussion
  • Create a document
  • Have your post liked
  • Upload a video
  • Create a blog post
  • Create and idea
  • Post a comment
  • Reply to a question
  • Mark other replies as 'Correct' or 'Helpful'
  • Vote on an idea or poll
  • @mention sombody
  • Like content
  • Tag content
  • Get followed


What about our old badges?

Don't worry!! You won't lose any of your points that you've worked to achieve, and all existing badges that you've earned will still remain on your profile.  From this point on, however, some of the missions that existed in the community prior to the refresh will no longer be available to complete, and instead these new missions will be available.


I volunteer as tribute!!

Ready to play the game?  Get out there and contribute!  Follow key places like Jive Customer Hub, find a user group near you, get involved in the Jive Developers space, and get in the game!