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We are in last stages of redesigning the home page and theme of the Jive Community. I wanted to give you all a sneak peek of what's to come and give you some key information about what's changing and how it will make your life easier.


Go-live timing


The new home page will be launched sometime in the next few weeks. We are working hard to test all of the widgets as well as streamline the design. We want to make sure it's ready for prime time before loading into the Jive Community.


What's in it for you


Our objective is to design a world-class showcase community that gets you (our users) to the answers they seek as quickly as possible.


Other features:

  • Key content about product updates and social business best practices on the front page
  • Help for new users to get started & encourage newcomers to join the community
  • Get users to the content/answers they need as quickly and easily as possible with a new search widget
  • Find new content by your area of interest (content tracks)
  • Show off the cool things that can be done in Jive


New Home Page design.jpg

The new Jive Community home page will look a little something like this.


Never visit the home page? Here's why you might want to take a second look


We hope some of the new features of the home page will make you take a second look in case you don't use the home page to enter the Jive Community.


Some added benefits:


We hope you enjoy the new home page!


Follow us for updates


More changes are coming soon in the Jive Community, so be sure to follow this place for further updates!

Recently we have been working on something special for our hosted and on-premise customers in this Community.


It's called My Jive Licenses


For hosted or On-premise customers, you can access it here:


This app allows you to see or manage the Jive-n or Jive-x software that you've purchased.