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My first year as Jive's community manager

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on Apr 23, 2015



Happy Anniversary Jive Community!


I'm coming up on my first anniversary at Jive and what a year it's been! Seriously, it's been a love story and a roller coaster ride all in one! It started with a JC face-lift using our new brand designs, then the intensity of JiveWorld14, and finally our upgrade to with a lot of blogs, projects and clean-up happening in between.


And now that I have more experience with Jive under my belt, we are looking toward some exciting new developments for 2015!


As I've mentioned before, the Jive Community has an extensive history and in some aspects resembles the Winchester Mystery House (see Where to start when your community resembles a mystery house). At Jive, we live to empower our employees to get stuff done and part of that power includes the ability to create groups in the Jive Community. Honestly, it's like trying to stop the ocean waves from washing up on the beach. New groups are being created by Jivers every day. So while I haven't figured out the right approach to stem the creation of new groups while still promoting collaboration, I am focused on developing a space architecture that covers our top spaces. I'm working on a permissions scheme as well to be sure we are allowing the right people the right access. In order to clean up our spaces, I am using data to tell me the story of where users are going and what they are trying to achieve. I'd say it's a fairly good start and focuses on the paths that users are already taking. What it's led me to is this: we are not currently enabling our users to get to their destinations (answers) as quickly and easily as possible. Soooo we are...


Redesigning the home page

One thing that has become clear is that we have several different audiences in the Jive Community. Not only do we have customers, partners and prospective customers (as well as non-registered users), even our customer audience can be broken down into different roles like Developer, Community Managers, and Management/Executives. Serving everyone the same content is problematic at best and results in a longer path (both in clicks and time) from entry to answer for each user.


We are working to change all that! We have launched a project to redesign the home page with an eye towards tailoring the experience based upon the user's "track." It's our goal to help you accomplish what you came here for as quickly and easily as possible. Then depending on the track you pick in your profile, what you see on the home page would be customized. We'll be working behind the scenes to make sure each track is well stocked with the content that you need.The tracks we are considering are similar to the tracks that we use at JiveWorld:

  • New to Jive
  • Community Management
  • Developer
  • Implementation/IT
  • Partner


Next steps - evaluating cloud

Jive makes some awesome products and we think the Jive Community should reflect the latest and greatest of what is available. That said, we are evaluating the move to the cloud or at the very least to version 8 as soon as possible. We will be working through our major road blocks (see, we all have road blocks!) and following our own best practices for upgrade planning. For those of you who have gone through the upgrade planning process you know that we won't be making any sudden changes in the next weeks but rather over the next several months.


Please consider this blog as the first heads-up for these upcoming events.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.