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I'm not usually a fan of new year resolutions. I think that the ability to make a decision and stick to it should be a year-round thing. Think of the promise that each day would bring if we imbued it with the magical power of the new year! Plus, there was that one year where I put P90X on the new year resolution list thinking it was a high-energy vitamin drink and instead discovered that it was a physical workout that I'm pretty sure was trying to kill me. That didn't last long.


I realize not all resolutions are destined for failure, so in the spirit of the new year resolution I've come up with a list of my own for the Jive Community!


2015 New Year Resolutions for the Jive Community

  • Keep a clean house. Here's a little secret, folks, keep it between you and me: The Jive Community has some junk in its trunk. We Jivers are certainly enthusiastic with our group-making capabilities. Got an idea, make a group! Want to talk about something, add a space! There are very few communities out there who could boast of more places than us. I vow to clean house and put in more stringent requirements for when someone wants to create a group. Fewer spaces and more conversations, hooray!
  • Create a Community Management blog series. There's a lot of stuff we know collectively about building awesome communities. And there's a lot that people want to know when getting started building their communities. I want to bring the two together in a blog series. A combination of reorganizing content we already have and soliciting new content from people, just like you (and me).  It will live in JiveTalks and be organized by category with appropriate tags.
  • Work together on our challenges. Sure, "work better together" is a marketing slogan but it really means something when you think of the power of all of us working together. As I mentioned in my holiday blog, we are the community of community managers! Oftentimes, we are all trying to answer the same questions. Let's see if together we can solve some of our biggest challenges such as how to increase user adoption or improve communications.


I think three things on the resolution list is enough considering all of the other things already on my plate: managing the community, guiding new use cases, driving the governance board, striving to world-class status, and more.


What are your new year resolutions?

By now, you've seen the system announcement that the Jive Community is getting an upgrade on Friday, January 23.

IMPORTANT: This upgrade does not affect your company's community and is not related to the cloud upgrades happening this week for customers or any additional upgrades you might have planned individually for your communities. This upgrade only applies to the community found at this URL:


What's happening?
The Jive Community will be upgraded to version on Friday, January 23 at 5 pm, Pacific Time. Because the Jive Community is made up of several nodes, it will require a downtime of approximately 6 to 8 hours to conduct the upgrade. Luckily, we are able to schedule it on a Friday night and no customer upgrades are planned for that day.


What happens when JC is down?

Visitors will see a custom maintenance page which directs customers to call a support number for critical issues and asks them to hold off on submitting cases for non-critical cases.


What do you need to do?

Nothing! Great news, right? Relax and enjoy your weekend and there will be an upgraded Jive Community back online when you return to work.



Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you!