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Welcome to our new blog series, designed to provide quick and easy tips for using the Aurea Support Portal more effectively. Each post will cover one particular how-to topic. This week, we’ll start with using the Aurea Support Knowledge Base.


Our new Knowledge Base offers a single location where you can search documentation, published support knowledge, community postings, and even relevant cases you have previously submitted. It is a one-stop-shop for all the specific documentation related to a particular topic.


You can access the Knowledge Base from Support Home.





Once you are there, log in to the Support Portal.



Once you are logged in, you can search across the Knowledge Base using filters on the left side.


You can also select "Known Issues" to see the latest customer defects and their status.


For more how-tos and customer updates, browse the Community Help space in AureaWorks. And don’t forget to check back for more blogs in our Aurea Support How-To series, coming soon (will be linked once they’re live.)

  • Part 2: Tracking Known Defects
  • Part 3: Engaging the Community
  • Part 4: Downloading Software Updates
  • Part 5: Product Documentation
  • Part 6: Submitting Cases






Hello AureaWorks Community,


This note is to inform you that our weekend migration of AureaWorks to AWX (originally scheduled for 3/31) is temporarily delayed. Here is the latest from our Principal Engineer don.forbes:

Aurea SaaSOps encountered an unexpected issue with Amazon Web Service's DataSync Service that inhibited us from proceeding, and completing the migration.


During our multiple rounds of testing, this issue did not present itself with a severity that could cause a delay, nor have we seen any of our Staged, or other Production Migrations impacted by this. So far, each has been successful prior to AureaWorks.


Aurea's AWS Enterprise Technical Account Manager is working directly with Aurea SaaSOps, and together we have engaged the right people within AWS Engineering in order to quickly prove root-cause and see AWS push a confirmed code revision to their global service. This has been confirmed to be an AWS Global DataSync Service issue and not caused by our internal migration logic or procedures; those specific parts of the migration executed as designed with the expected results within communicated timelines.


We are working diligently and are absolutely dedicated to the collaboration with AWS to resolve this issue.


Aurea SaaSOps will be providing updates to the relevant involved stakeholders as soon as able. Once a fix is in place and has gone through additional testing on the AureaWorks data-set, we will work to coordinate a revised migration date.


I will continue to work closely with our engineering teams and update you once we have the migration rescheduled.


Thank you for your patience.


The past several months we've been busy adding new Aurea Products to the AureaWorks community and welcoming new community members from across the entire Aurea portfolio. Now we are excited to announce that Aurea has acquired a new company - Artemis - which will be joining us here in the community starting today on June 7, 2018.


What's Artemis?

Artemis International Solutions Corporation – now Aurea Planning Solutions – has reinvented the way project management is implemented. The only true end-to-end project management provider, Artemis offers a complete solution from time tracking to global planning, bid, and acquisitions, through final completion and project delivery. Artemis International Solutions Corporation is a global leader in large-scale project & portfolio solutions where investment management and cost control are of paramount importance. Learn more: Home - Artemis


We are looking forward to inviting Artemis customers (along with all of you!) to the Artemis from Aurea Planning Solutions Community so that as we build engagement and activity, customers and AureaWorks members will gain access to:

  • Product-specific executive communications

  • Product information and real-time updates

  • Best practices shared by subject matter experts

  • The ability to ask questions and get answers from product champions, subject matter experts and the Aurea product teams

Of course, the Artemis from Aurea Planning Solutions Community is available to the entire AureaWorks community, so stop by and take a look! Feel free to ask questions and start discussions if you're interested in learning more about Artemis (since you get it free anyway as part of Aurea Prime!).

Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!





To leave a comment or ask a question please sign in or register.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect on May 25, 2018, we are going to be upgrading AureaWorks from 9.0.1 to 9.0.4 so we are equipped with the right tools to stay compliant with the new European Union (EU) privacy laws.


The AureaWorks upgrade will happen on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 starting at 5pm PDT. The system will be in maintenance mode for about four hours and will not be accessible during that time. If you need to submit an urgent case during that time, the emergency support number will be listed on the maintenance page for the community.

What's new for 9.0.4

The purpose for our upgrade is primarily for GDPR-compliant features, but our engineering and Product teams have also made improvements on the admin side including CMR performance and resolved issues around APIs, Document Conversion, Records Retention and more. You can find a complete list of 9.0.4 product fixes on the Jive 9 Release Notes page.


Learn more about GDPR compliance and Jive here: Jive Interactive Intranet and GDPR Compliance (English) or visit Aurea and GDPR Compliance for information about GDPR for all Aurea products.




You can post a question in AureaWorks Community Help or comment on this post.

As you may have noticed, the community is growing larger every day with the addition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Community and Customer Experience Platform (CXP) in December, AlertFind Community, Campaign Manager (ACM) Community, List Manager (ALM) Community and [ARCHIVED] Messaging Solutions Community in February, and with the rolling out of individual Customer Hubs for each Aurea product over the next few weeks.


Keeping that momentum, we are heading down the home stretch as we launch the last four Aurea products in AureaWorks! These include:

  • [ARCHIVED] Energy Solutions (AES) Community - A product that delivers the retail energy industry's only fully managed business process platform, enabling broad revenue and customer management capabilities throughout the customer relationship lifecycle. This allows retail energy providers to bill faster and more accurately, enter or migrate markets more easily, and retain more customers.
  • Insurance Solutions (AIS) - A product that bridges the gap between the front office and back-office for insurers, letting them optimize the entire producer management lifecycle. In today’s competitive insurance market, insurers need to empower producers in the front office, while streamlining and automating operations across the enterprise.

  • Life Sciences Solutions (ALSS) - A product that delivers end-to-end integrated solutions designed to address the specific workflow and compliance needs in the Life Sciences. ALSS brings industry leading document management solutions to market to address Clinical, Quality, and Regulatory requirements across Life Sciences.

  • [ARCHIVED] Retail Solutions (ARS) Community - A product that delivers a suite of supply chain management and store management solutions that let you navigate today's complex combination of brick-and-mortar stores, and web and mobile eCommerce to create a seamless experience for customers across every retail channel.


We are looking forward to inviting Aurea customers (along with all of you!) to these new spaces so that as we build engagement and activity, AureaWorks members will gain access to:

  • Product-specific executive communications
  • Product information and real-time updates
  • Best practices shared by subject matter experts
  • The ability to ask questions and get answers from product champions, subject matter experts and the Aurea product teams

Of course, these spaces are available to the entire AureaWorks community, so stop by and take a look! Feel free to ask questions and start discussions if you're curious about other Aurea products (since you get them free anyway as part of Aurea Prime!).

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

Life is full of changes, and AureaWorks is no different! In early December we rebranded the community from JiveWorks to AureaWorks, introduced a new look and feel to the design, and introduced two new Aurea product spaces into AureaWorks: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Community and Aurea Integration Solutions Community.

Now we are excited to announce that we have launched four new spaces for Aurea products! These include:

  • AlertFind Community - A product for enabling two-way multi-channel communications for emergencies and disruptions
  • Campaign Manager (ACM) Community - A cloud email marketing tool to deliver the right message at the right time
  • List Manager (ALM) Community - An on-premise email marketing tool to deliver the right message at the right time
  • [ARCHIVED] Messaging Solutions Community - A combination of three products to centralize email archive and discovery search, ensure email continuity even during a network interruption, and provide cloud-based email security for anti-spam, anti-virus, and content control


We are looking forward to inviting Aurea customers (along with all of you!) to these new spaces so that as we build engagement and activity, AureaWorks members will gain access to:

  • Product-specific executive communications
  • Product information and real-time updates
  • Best practices shared by subject matter experts
  • The ability to ask questions and get answers from product champions, subject matter experts and the Aurea product teams

Of course, these spaces are available to the entire AureaWorks community, so stop by and take a look! Feel free to ask questions and start discussions if you're curious about other Aurea products (since you get them free anyway as part of Aurea Prime!).

Next month we will be rolling out the remaining Aurea products in AureaWorks, so stay tuned!

When I came to Jive in 2014, I was taking a gamble on this tool called Jive because I thought it could change the world. I still believe that collaborative tools like Jive can change the world via the way we work together. And it's this belief that I take with me as I leave Jive/Aurea on February 9.


Let's reminisce for a moment. This community has come a long way in the last (almost) four years. From a rag-tag collection of places managed by a large group of people, we've elevated the look and feel through several redesigns, conducted many upgrades and updates, reduced our key places and improved the community structure, focused the conversations and became clear on our purpose. The result is what you see here today in AureaWorks.


Being your community manager has been one of my greatest pleasures. Serving you and trying to make the community experience as enriching for newcomers as well as experienced members alike has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. I hope that I've made your work-lives better as well as a result.


The acquisition by Aurea brought significant change for Jive and this community has rolled with it. We've added new business places and will continue to add places over the next few months. We are adding support staff every day and have plans to improve our support process for you across Aurea.


What's next for me. Most people don't mention where they are going when they leave but I want you to know what I believe in and what's next for me. My vision for the next phase of my career is shaped by Jive and its various mottos throughout the years.


I want to revolutionize how work gets done
using the power of human connection as fuel for the fire.


And I've got a company that I believe can truly make an impact in the world to put my personal power behind: Agilent Technologies. Before coming to Jive, I worked for Agilent, a company that produces innovations in life sciences, genomics, and chemical analysis. I'll be going back to a company that I consider home.


My final words of wisdom. Nothing is static. Evolve with change. And while change can be a bumpy ride, often we are led to some really great places as a result. I'm leaving you in great hands with Sarah O'Meara and kosheno.moore. They will carry on the torch for me. And who knows, you might see me around here in the community. I'll be a power user of Jive at Agilent and could need your advice someday!


Contact me in the future on:


Libby Taylor

AureaWorks is here!

Posted by Libby Taylor Nov 27, 2017

As previously mentioned in my blog Change is happening for Jive.. and for JiveWorks as well, we have evolved JiveWorks to become the customer community for all Aurea products and customers.  With this evolution, our community has been renamed AureaWorks. Take a moment to appreciate the change before and after on our home page:


BEFORE as JiveWorks

AFTER as AureaWorks!


You'll now see a new look-and-feel for this community as well as changes to the top menus and navigation.


We've also welcomed two of Aurea's business units initially -- the Customer Experience (CX) Platform and Aurea Customer Relationship Management (AureaCRM) product -- with the rest of the company's products and business units being added in the new year.


As a result of the Aurea products being introduced to the community, new members will join us to get access to:

  • Company news and executive communications
  • Product information and real-time updates
  • Best practices shared by subject matter experts
  • The ability to ask questions and get answers from product champions and subject matter experts


Eventually, we plan to offer new community members support through the community. While this transition will happen over time, we're encouraging our new members to jump in and join the conversations that are currently underway. This means you will start seeing a lot of new faces around the community, especially in the Customer Hub where all executive communications and pre-release updates and event invitations to customers will be published. Of course, we will still have Jive product-specific places, like Jive Platform where customers can find content specific to Jive's features and functionality.


Tips and tricks for getting around


Please join me in warmly welcoming our new community members and showing them the power of human connection inside our community!

Change is happening in every facet of our company right now, for Jivers, Aureans as well as customers. With this transition underway, we are getting a clearer picture of how JiveWorks, our customer and partner community, will be impacted.


I attended a Jive+Aurea Marketing offsite last week in Austin that was very enlightening. We got clear direction from Eric Levine - Aurea's Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Berkowitz - Aurea's Chief Product Officer, as well as benc - Aurea's Chief Revenue Officer. Additionally, I've met with sbrighton - Aurea's CEO and Mowgli Montier - Aurea's SVP of Customer Experience (Support). I'm starting to develop a clear idea of where JiveWorks is headed and want to share some of that direction with you, our community members.


Changes for JiveWorks


  • JiveWorks will evolve into the Aurea customer community for all products & business units under Aurea. It just so happens that currently 25% of customers own Jive and another Aurea product. That number will continue to grow as Prime is offered to Jive clients and more products are adopted across the board. Additionally, we'll start to see more Aurea customers adopting Jive as part of their Prime offering. As a result, we are developing a plan to include the Aurea products on the JiveWorks community. The community will likely be renamed and rebranded at some point to reflect the broader nature of the community.


  • Ideas for Jive (in JiveWorks) will evolve into a idea brainstorming place for all products. Our methods for product development, engineering and support are changing in order to create a better core platform that includes bug fixes as well as new innovation. These new methods also align with Aurea's current process between product, engineering and support which has been successful with their other products. Because of these new methods, we will no longer have a product review process attached to Ideas for Jive. That said, submitting ideas in JiveWorks has a value for crowd-sourcing concepts and brainstorming for innovation. It also gives you, our community members, a way to track the suggestions and ideas that you care about. See Evolving Ideas for Jive


  • More places will be peer-to-peer supported. We're working with a leaner community staff so for many places, like Developers, Internal Communities and External Communities, we are going to be relying more on peer-to-peer support. As part of our Champions/Advocates program, we are offering our members peer-to-peer leadership opportunities and a chance to earn the Unicorn badge and lots of points! See: Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points for more info if you want to volunteer.


  • Cleaning up places & simplifying names. We don't have the bandwidth to track 50 places across the community, so we are combining places and shutting conversations down in some of the smaller, less active places. We'll be flattening the hierarchy of  spaces as well, especially in Products and Jive Training, and adding more places to the peer-to-peer volunteering Become a Unicorn list. Sarah and I will continue to watch the key places and respond to questions, move them when needed, or track down answers where we can.


In the coming months, you'll have the chance to get to know more about our new executive team, our new processes for customer success and support, as well as our product road map.


Be sure to follow the  Jive Customer Hub's blog so that you can stay on top of the webinar invitations and customer-only updates as they come in. See: The Best Way to Follow the Latest Product or Customer-Only Updates


Thanks in advance for your support!

Hello, JiveWorks! Have you noticed anything different coming into JiveWorks today? If you have, that's because we are now running on Jive 9.0.1!


When did it happen?

The upgrade started at 5pm PT last night (April 4th), and our team immediately started working on the upgrade.  Their hard work and preparation paid off, because we were back online 5 hours later! We had estimated 8 hours, but our team got things done smoothly and efficiently.


What's different?

Want to learn more about our cool new features and see what Jive 9 has to offer? Check out the Jive 9 Upgrade Planning Guide and start with Step 1: Learn What's New in Jive 9. Since we are 9.0.1, you may want to check out fixed issues for this release: Jive 9.0.1 for Hosted and On-Premise is now available.


What do I need to do?

In the upgrade process, some keys were reset. If you are experiencing issues, please restart your browser or clear your cache and try it again. Still experiencing problems? Please let us know by creating a question in AureaWorks Community Help.


Thank you for all your support, JiveWorks! Let us know what you think of the upgrade, if you discover any cool tips or tricks for Jive 9, or are experiencing any persistent issues!


In order to take advantage of Jive's latest features and capabilities for a hosted community, JiveWorks is upgrading to Jive 9.0.1 on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 starting at 5 pm PT. Since this is a major upgrade, the system will be in maintenance mode for around 8 to 10 hours and will not be accessible during that time. If you need to submit an urgent case during that time, the emergency support number will be listed on the maintenance page for the community.


Why we're excited about Jive 9

First off, we are setting a good example as leaders of the upgrade pack! We know that a lot of you rely on the JiveWorks experience in order to plan your own upgrades. By upgrading to Jive 9, we think this will give you a feeling of what Jive 9 has to offer and possibly inspire some of you to make the move as well!


Second, Jive 9 offers an abundance of new features for JiveWorks

  • Improved impact metrics including user interaction
  • Improved search for experts
  • Modernization of our core components
  • New tiles: Hero, Banner, Category, Super List, Latest Blog Posts
  • Bulk content management capabilities


We are already busy testing and making sure JiveWorks will be ready for you on Wednesday morning, April 5.



You can post a question in AureaWorks Community Help or comment on this post.

Hi everyone,


If you are a new member of the JiveWorks, I would love for you to take part in a proof of concept for new member onboarding. Details are below. If you'd like to take part, please comment below and I will add you to the secret group and send a follow-up welcome message.


What do we mean by new member onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of learning how to accomplish key first steps in a new community. In this case, we are focusing on:

  • An Introduction to JiveWorks (what this community is and how to get around)
  • Getting Started (setting up your profile and notifications, creating content)
  • Customer Specific Onboarding (customer-only access, product feedback, adoption resources)


What's the proof of concept?

The proof of concept is focused on the new member learning experience. The concept is that we will have three different methods of learning as well as special events (like webinars) and individual assignments (learn how to design a group/project). We'll have experts on hand to answer questions and help get you started towards community success. All interaction/involvement in this learning experience is purely optional. 


Here's how it works:

  • New members will be added to an Onboarding Learning Classroom (to be maxed out at XX members -- the number to be determined)
  • Members will be given three different ways to learn:
    • Weekly Assignments (self-directed weekly targets, just the essentials)
    • SmarterPath Cousework (steps through each of the learning modules, all encompassing)
    • The One-Stop Onboarding Library (self-paced reading, pick and choose content)


We want to hear from you!

We have experts in the proof of concept but we need new learners as well. If you would like to take part in the proof of concept and provide us with feedback on the process, we would love to have you! Please let me know in the comments below if you would like to help us out in this important project. We hope to launch the new onboarding program in spring 2017. Thanks!

With the launch on November 9th of Jive's new JiveWorks community, I'd like to tell more of the story behind the project. Many of you are in similar situations: you came in to manage a community that you didn't have a hand in building, and maybe you've realized that the structure or organization of your community is no longer serving your members.


I've heard many of you ask, "how do you evolve a community?" More specifically, maybe you've received complaints that your community is hard to navigate, users don't know their way around, or content isn't where they expect it to be. If you've got a community more than a few years old, you could be facing the same situation we had here in this community: tons of places, no clear structure for user pathways, and confusing navigation.


With the launch of JiveWorks (our new 'Jive Community') we can tell you first-hand how to go about evolving your own community. In this blog, we'll focus on three related topics:

  • Use cases
  • User pathways
  • Navigation tips and tricks


Get clear on your use cases.

For our community, we have several use cases which we've been clear about for years but maybe didn't have enough rigor around managing the process or organizing the structure. They are as follows:

  • Support - how we provide our customers and users with product support: implementation for their own communities, help with troubleshooting, and assistance in bug resolution.
  • Learning - how customers and users find out how to do things, get training, share best practices and thought leadership from Jive and our top customers.
  • Product feedback/ideas - how customers submit product feedback, get responses and hear about implementation plans from Jive.
  • Product communications - how Jive communicates product updates, pre- and post release information about our products, and deep dives for features and integrations.
  • Event engagement - how we bring our live events to our online members, engaging them in content, pre- and post event discussions, and deepen the event experience.

Your use cases are the most important thing to be clear about in your own communities. Be sure to do the work with your own teams and bring in a strategist if needed (we worked with our own Jennifer Kelley) to help you work through them.


Understand the user pathways.

About three months ago, we brought together a working team to talk about our use cases and what we believed users come to this community to accomplish. The team was made up of the use case owners as well as key stakeholders in different departments. We didn't start with the focus on navigation, but instead approached the exercise purely from the member's point of view of what they need to get done in our community. We came up with member-focused statements like:

  • I need to learn how to use the Jive platform
  • I need to find out how to set up my community
  • I need specific help with product functionality
  • I need to find out how other community managers are doing things
  • I need to find out about the upcoming events
  • I need to view the latest webinar


We ended up with a fairly long list of these statements and then put them into some logical groupings... Items about learning were all grouped together, same with event topics. Topics about product and support were so similar, we put those in the same bucket. We then came up with user-centered statements about the pathways that felt inclusive of all of the types of things that could happen in that category.


In the end, we had a very rough sketch of what people come to the community to accomplish (a.k.a. the user pathways):

At this step, we were getting closer to understanding how these purposeful user pathways could shape the navigation scheme.


Develop navigation to key places.

One of the things we evaluated was the key places to which we want to drive members. As a 16-year-old community, we have an excessive number of places to visit and they often mapped more to our internal departments than to a logical space hierarchy. Additionally, we want to focus user activity in some places that are core to our community use cases. We considered our use cases and the key places related to them, then mapped the key places to the user pathways.


This gave us a start on our navigation menus (which we sketched out in PowerPoint):


Once we had this straw model, we realized that many of the places needed some clean up or new places needed to be created (such as our Events hub). It's important to do this work for your own key places before you rework your navigation so that community member experience is maintained as they move through your site. We recommend reviewing this work with a few of your super-users to make sure that you are hitting the mark.


When you are ready for implementation, the navigation menus can be updated through the theme (for those who have admin privileges). You can see more about the before and after navigational impacts here: JiveWorks Navigation: Getting Around to Key Places


This is a very simplified explanation of the process we followed, in fact, the whole project took several months to complete and the work of about 12-15 different people. I also haven't yet addressed the design/theme changes you see in JiveWorks today. That will have to be the focus of my next blog!


I would love to hear whether or not you like the new navigation. Your experience here is first hand! Also, be sure to post any questions you have about these recommendations. If you run into any problems about the community, you can also post a question in AureaWorks Community Help.

It's one thing to talk about changing a site navigation scheme in the abstract with diagrams that look like they come from a PowerPoint slide. It's another thing altogether to not be able to find your way around once the menu of options has actually changed. For some people, it may be helpful to see how the menus used to be in order to mind map their way to the new navigation.


Below is a table representing our old menus and where and how to access the same links.


Place (direct link)
Old menuNew menu or how to access
Content, People, PlacesBrowse menuUse direct link or advanced search
ProductsBrowse menuProducts & Support menu > Product Announcements and Features
TopicsBrowse menuUse direct link or search
CustomersConnect menuCustomer Hub menu > Customer-only Announcements
Jive DevelopersConnect menuDevelopers & Partners menu > Developers
[ARCHIVE] Jive External CommunitiesConnect menuLearn menu > External Communities
The specified item was not found.Connect menuLearn menu > Internal Communities
PartnersConnect menuDevelopers & Partners menu > Find a Partner or Partner Home
Contact the AdminConnect menuUse direct link or search
Ask a QuestionGet Help menuUse direct link or search
DocumentationGet Help menuUse direct link or search
jivesupport.deactivatedGet Help menuProducts & Support menu > Product Support
Producteev SupportGet Help menuUse direct link or search
[ARCHIVE] Jive TrainingGet Help menuLearn menu > User & Platform Training
MyJive GroupGet Help menuProducts & Support menu > MyJive Support
My Jive LicensesGet Help menuApps menu > My Jive Licenses
AboutAbout Us menuLearn menu > About JiveWorks: Getting Started
BlogsAbout Us menuNews menu or direct link to Blogs
CareersAbout Us menuUse direct link or search
JiveWorldAbout Us menuEvents menu > JiveWorld
ProductsAbout Us menuProducts & Support menu > Product Announcements and Features


Please post any feedback or questions you have below. Thank you!

Welcome to AureaWorks, the one place for our customers, partners and other interested professionals to come together for product updates, product / support questions and answers, and conversations about running and succeeding with their selected products.


Join our new member onboarding class below:


Visit: Getting Started


Here in this community we encourage our members to develop relationships with each other in order to share best practices and success stories. Additionally, employees are engaged to provide subject matter expertise and to answer key questions.


To learn more about this community, check out the space AureaWorks Community Help or review the topics below:


Site Navigation

The community is organized according to key topics of interest and user pathways. Most areas are visible to the public and other areas require registration and special permissions to view (such as our customer-only places). These areas are accessible via the top navigational menus.



Registration requirements

  • This community is open to people across the globe, but we currently only support English language discussions. In select places, depending on the customer base, some content is provided in other languages. If you update your language settings in your personal preferences, some of the system headings will change to the language selected..
  • All users must use their real names and affiliations (company/university/institute/etc.), as one would display on a name badge at a professional meeting; requests that do not follow this naming convention will require extra processing. Please do not use your email as your user name, as this will be visible to other members.
  • To ensure a high-quality environment focused on our technology and applications, recruiters, advertisers, promoters, and competitors are not allowed in this community.


Registration process

  • Begin registration: Login Page (NOTE: If you are already logged in and registered, you will simply come back to this page)
  • Provide your company or institutional email address (generic email addresses like gmail or yahoo take longer to process and cannot be associated with a customer domain or account)
  • You will receive an automated email with a link to the full registration page
  • Complete the registration form and submit it. You are automatically a new member.
  • We will review your application for additional customer permissions. If you provide clear information and a company email address, evaluation will take one business day. If you use a generic email address, we cannot provide you with customer access unless you are listed as a contact in our customer account database.
  • Once registered, we will send you a welcome message, and then you log in and complete your profile.

Note: If 24 hours has passed and we have not granted you customer access, please seeHow to Join This Community and Get Customer-Only or Partner Access


Questions? Contact the community manager by responding to this post. Thank you!