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Onward and Upward ... A Week in Review for the Jive Community

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Jan 27, 2012

It's been another eventful week here in the JC ... so this is whats going down.

System Announcement Recap:


Post Upgrade Notes:

All in all, the upgrade went very well.  Many of the new features that we rolled out are already being put to use; however, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the new Share / DM changes.  As many of you noticed, we have enabled Share and Direct Message functionality; however, it requires that there be a reciprocal following between 2 people before it will allow either party to leverage said features.  While we have no doubt that this is surely going to help us curb SPAM, we do realize that it has had some lingering affects on spontaneous Share / DM.  Please know that we are actively discussing the situation internally to see what can be done.


In the mean time, the suggested work around is to Follow people and establish the reciprocal follow needed to Share / DM.


Hats Off

In this episode of Hats Off, I'd like to issue a collective shout out to nbussard in The specified item was not found..  They are the first to setup an offline meetup in the Jive Community using the new Jive Events Extension.  (see: ).  I am definitely excited for the potential of this new plugin in the JC, and offline meetups with regional user groups are just the first use-case!  Thanks nbussard


Do you have any suggestions on how you think we can use the Events Plugin?  Care to share?



What Have I Been Doing?


This week has been pretty busy.  It started with Community Manager Appreciation Day.  BTW, thank you from both Kristina and myself for all the praise on both Twitter and in the JC!  Jill Ross John Schwiller  Edward Ford and others!

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day ... Who Do You Appreciate?


Post upgrade communications and follow-up, a little bit of development, and a whole lot of work on the JC's information architecture moving forward.  I've promised a high-level view of my findings, and while I am not able to share any details yet, I can share a high-level view of my thought-process.  Each one of these lines represents a direction that we hope to address with JC.  As you can, lots of lines...means lots of work.  But I am confident that this will lead to some great things for the entire community!


I was able to sneak in some development time this week as well.  Because I wanted to code a plugin to help with the reciprocal Follow issue, I didnt get the time to work on Evernote, The specified item was not found. ... so it wasn't a total loss.  But will have some cycles next week as well, so we'll see.


As I announced last week, we are working on creating a social business shared blogging place in the Jive Community, if you think you'd be interested in blogging there, please let us know ... you can join ridingo as one of the first!


Also, dont forget to check out these active conversations,

What is the best and/or worst Super Bowl commercial of all time?

What are some of your best and worst customer support experiences of all time?

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What's Next?


Next week I will be traveling to meet my colleagues in Portland for the first time.  Definitely excited.  As such, I'll be on a plane ... and have some development time free. We'll see what comes from that.  Beyond that, more future looking and acting for the JC.  No doubt information architecture will also play a big role in next week conversations as well.  So stay tuned!


BTW:  Would the community be interested in me highlighting an Idea of the week?  If so, @mention me and the idea in a status update, and I'll keep a running list for this update.


What are your Thoughts?


If you were the community manager, where would you focus your time?  Help me understand what's important to you and help me incorporate that into my road map.

Remember:  This is not MY Community ... this is OUR Community!



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