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Onward and Upward ... A Year in Review for the Jive Community

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Dec 30, 2011

It's hard to believe that 2011 has come and gone already.  Even though I've only been here for 2 months, I can honestly look back on what we've accomplished as a community this year and be very proud and optimistic going into 2012.  So without further ado, here's your year-end recap!


Top Community Content of 2011

In order to be considered for this list, content must be public and created during 2011.  Also the number of likes, ratings, views, comments, and overall web traffic was used to determine the order.

  1. The specified item was not found.by ashleysokal
  2. The specified item was not found. by GinoRossi
  3. And the new Jive Community Manager is … by Ryan Rutan
  4. Video: You've got the Jive, so use it! - by Karen Laundon (c/o Jeffrey Murnan)
  5. Release Day!  Jive 5.0.0 by patrick.lin
  6. "3 Seashells" of Notification Management in Jive 5, Demystified! by Ryan Rutan of National Instruments by Ryan Rutan
  7. The specified item was not found. by mbangash
  8. Jive5 diary: My experience learning to use Jive 5 by tmaurer
  9. Paving the new way to the NASDAQ ... with Social Business by Tony.Zingale
  10. The specified item was not found. by gialyons

Honorable Mentions:


Thanks to everyone who authored and participated in these conversations to uncover some great social capital!


Hats Off - Recap


What Have I Been Doing?

When I first came onto the Jive Community, there was an immediate call to action raised by many of you:  SPAM.  In the short time I have been here there hasn't been a day that has gone by where I haven't had at least an eye on the SPAM problem.  Thanks to the help of John Schwiller and a small change Handy trick for managing SPAM in User Profiles I can stand here (in digital form at least) and say that to date,

I have purged over 300 User Groups (abandoned/SPAM-ridden), 500 pieces of content, and over 4000 SPAM profiles from the Jive Community. 


You've also heard me talk on and on about Regional User Groups.  As some of you may have seen today by a surge in activity on my part, I have completed the initial stages of our Regional User Groups pilot, which can be seen here:  The specified item was not found.  In addition to Regional User Groups, we are looking to revitalize our thought leadership endeavors in the JC.  If you see a group that interests you, or would like to participate in a group on an unlisted topic, please let me know and we will do our best to assemble the group and participants for you to engage.


Oh yeah, somewhere in between there I broadcasted your tweets on a 7-Story Digital Billboard in Times Square, and  completed a small blog series  with the help of my colleague deirdrewalsh called the The 12 Days of Conversations ... If you haven't read them ... you should check them out and weigh in.  Especially on Day 12: What are your social business predictions for 2012? before its too late to say, "I told you so!". =)


Lastly, as promised at JiveWorld11, I have been hard at work on the "The specified item was not found." plugin in my "free time" (between the hours of 11PM - 3AM).

So here is what I got for you now:  a video sneak peak.  .

P.S. Dont forget to thank Seth on Twitter,  "@SethHitchings - Hats off and thanks for the help with Evernote Plugin for Jive!  Sincerely, the JC @JiveSoftware"


What's Next?


You may ask, "Ryan, where do you get all this energy?" and that would be a good question.  Since I dont drink caffeine, the only thing I can think of is a raw untapped passion for the power of social business. =)  So what is next for me?  I plan to relax and enjoy this New Year's holiday weekend, and come back next week ready to keep moving the Jive Community Onward and Upward in 2012 and beyond!


From all of us at Jive, we wish everyone a safe and happy new year!  See you in 2012!



Ryan Rutan - Your Community Manager


P.S.  If you were the community manager, where would you focus your time?  Help me understand what's important to you and help me incorporate that into my road map. 

Remember:  This is not MY Community ... this is OUR Community!