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Onward and Upward ... A Week in Review for the Jive Community

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Nov 18, 2011

It's been another eventful week here in the JC ... so this is whats going down.


System Announcement Recap:


Jive Community Hosting Migration will happen on December 2nd - 4th

The downtime during this window has yet to be established, but will be planned based on the results from the dry run.  More information and reminders to come for sure!

Jive Community User Relationship changes are a coming ...

Thank you everyone for your feedback in the Would you prefer to have Friend or Follower relationships in Jive Community? poll.  Based on the feedback received by both customers and Jivers, we plan to change the User Relationship policy to Connections/Followers rather than Friends.  This should improve the general interactiveness between users, and make it easier to define streams of influence in Jive.  We will need to do some validation with our instance to make sure that we are not re-opening any SPAM doors, and then we'll make the change.  Worst case, this change will happen with our upgrade to 5.0.1/2 sometime early in 2012 we hope.  Stay tuned!


Hats Off?

This is a bit of an off-topic hats off, but thought it made sense to share.  For those of you who attended The specified item was not found. or noticed The specified item was not found. in The specified item was not found..  I have been working on an Evernote Integration for Jive 5 since the beginning of September.  The idea is to try and write a (the?) killer plugin for Jive allowing users to use Evernote from whatever device (online or offline)... and have your notebook(s) synced into Jive when they log in.  If this existed, I believe this would an amazing solution for use-cases like "meeting-notes" that could be enriched with pictures, markup, etc.. and would go a long way in helping our customers evangelize Jive in their organizations and getting them to use the tool. 

Knowing that you were the person who made this level of significant change to your organization, for the better, and seeing it take off and flourish is absolutely amazing.  And both Jive and myself want to do everything we can to equip our customers with the right tools to make this happen!  It's one of the reasons why I started writing and sharing my plugins ... and it is THE reason I joined Jive.

Seth Hitching_small photo.png

Before you go, whoa....Ryan...hat's off to yourself?  Pretty lame dude! ... just want to let you know that I am no giving Hats Off to myself...but to Seth Hitchings.  Who you ask?  This is a guy from Evernote that I have been working with ever since I got the idea to write the plugin.  About 2 months ago, I ran into a problem where the Evernote API was conflicting with the Jive environment and appeared to be an insurmountable road block.  Seth offered up the time to look into it, and was able to cut me a completely new version of the API that should be compatible with Jive (not a small undertaking).  I haven't tested it yet, but I would be a miss if I didn't take a second to at least acknowledge and publicly appreciate this guy for going above and beyond.  If you get a second, Tweet him the message .... "@SethHitchings - Hats off and thanks for your help with the Evernote Plugin for Jive!  Sincerely, the Jive Community @JiveSoftware" or something to that regard .. it would be great.


I plan to start back on this plugin during the holidays and see if I cant get a Beta/Alpha available for early 2012.  So stay tuned!

What Have I Been Doing?


Well, as I've said in my previous announcements.  This week I attended Enterprise 2.0 and spoke at the Designing Social Applications panel.  The panel was put together by David Carr @ The Brain Yard and included myself, Jonothan LeBlanc from X.Commerce and Aaron Aycock of TRX and CubeVibe.com.  I will be posting a recap of the topics discussed in the Jive Talks blog, so stayed tuned for that.


I've also been doing quite a bit of other stuff.  This week, I went through and created Regional User Groups for all of the United States.  The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., and The specified item was not found..  Why you might ask? As I look to flesh out the final stages of the new Jive Community structure, it is apparent that there is not a clear place for everyone to communicate on a regional level (in the Americas).  This is fundamental to the experience I would like to amplify in the JC, which is "know who is around me" and make relationships that go beyond the digital world.  Ideally, growing into something as prominent as the Bay Area User Group which I consider to be a micro regional, face-to-face + digital, user group.  But it all starts on getting people coalesced into the right group, so making sure there was a group to at least start them in was a first step.  Also, in the works, is a Space called "Groups" (original, I know) where I plan to promote these User Groups (as well as some of our other Thought Leadership ones) to give a better browsing experience for them.  Note:  I am not turning a blind eye to our international users, such as UK User Group and Le Club - Jivé


If there is an area/region internationally that would like to help me setup user groups for their location ... please let me know!


I've also been involved in the discussions from the The specified item was not found. and The specified item was not found. discussions.  Working with robert.brown and company to make sure that the process we put into place is both acceptable (meets your needs), as well as, scalable, repeatable, and sustainable.  Hope to have answers to this in short order and a road map + solution very soon.


Oh yeah, and above all that ... I've also been making it my goal to personally welcome each new user to the community (and kill each spammer from it).  The idea here is to be authentic, original, and relevant.  If I know where they are from based off the information they have shared publicly, then I will recommend a User Group for them to join.  If I know based off their title what they are interested in...I will recommend them to thought leadership groups that align.  Most important, I want them to know, as I hope ya'll (there's my Texan slip for the day) are starting to see, that I care deeply for this community and I want to see it and its constituents be successful.  Having been at Jive for 1 month now, I can honestly say that I've accomplished a lot towards this goal ... but there is so much more to be done, so many ideas left to explore, and so much energy and passion left untapped. So let's get to work!


What's Next?

Heading into the holidays is always a hard time to get things done.  Had to postpone most of my meetings regarding the new community structure until after Thanksgiving; so plan to make incremental progress on that for now.  Also, trying to roll out changes that do not require massive overhaul, when and where I can.  Because of the migration, we need to reduce the number of big system changes.  This is one of the reasons why some of my plugins are not installed on the community yet.  Once we are on the other side of this migration (possibly an upgrade if needed), I hope to look at opening the doors for some of my plugins (and others as well) that I think will add value to the JC. 


Do you have plugins that you would like to see installed and operational on the Jive Community?  If so, let me know with a comment, for now... and will keep the suggestions in mind. =)


What are your Thoughts?


If you were the community manager, where would you focus your time?  Help me understand what's important to you and help me incorporate that into my road map. 

Remember:  This is not MY Community ... this is OUR Community!



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