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Hey, Jive Community, Support cases now have automatic updates for resolved issue/bug reports!




Historically, when an issue/bug is identified by a Support Engineer, a bug report is filed in a Jive internal issue tracker. It is then up to the reporter to pro-actively monitor the status of the bug report by using Product Issue Tracking features.


An outstanding problem with such cases is that it remained unclear whether the status should be set to:

  • 'Waiting on Jive' because the issue is still pending Jive's resolution.
  • 'Waiting on Customer' since there are no pending actions for the Support Engineer.



Changes to Support Cases


Additional Case Status: Waiting on Bug Fix


This new status will be used for any case pending resolution of a reported bug. Its reason for remaining open will now be apparent to both customer and Jive.




Issue Resolution Updates


Cases that have an associated bug report will now be updated upon the bug's resolution. Updates are generated weekly, and alerts are in the form of an automated reply to the case. If you subscribe to email notifications, you will receive the alert reply via email as you would any other reply to the case.



For cases marked as Waiting on Bug Fix (and Auto-Close), the case will automatically get marked for pending closure; no additional action is required on your part. For cases associated to multiple bug reports, the case will remain open and be updated by alerts till all the bug reports have been resolved!


A resolved bug's fix version can be found in the Product Issues Widget of Case page:





We encourage any input on how this feature and/or the Support Community can be improved, so please let us know what you think.





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