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Current Engineering at Jive

Posted by greg2 Sep 9, 2009

It's my pleasure to announce that we have established a new development team dedicated to maturing current product functionality. As Jive's products have grown, the amount of work on existing features, in terms of both feature enhancements and bug fixes, has steadily increased. Several months ago we reviewed the lessons we learned in planning and executing on the Jive SBS 3.0 release and decided that adding a specialized team for this function would help us keep customer satisfaction high and simplify release planning. We spent some time looking at ways this had been done by other companies and decided on our current approach.


As some of you may remember, for the 1.x series of versions we published new releases every three weeks. This rate was fantastic for getting new capabilities out the door, but was difficult for many customers to keep up with and it led to a bias toward smaller features that fit nicely into three, six, or nine week efforts. For the 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 releases we slowed the pace to spend more time planning, implementing, testing, and marketing each one. This rate led to larger and more features, and had the side effect of causing longer periods of time waiting for feature requests to be implemented since the set of capabilities planned for a release were locked in well before the release would come out. With this new team we'll be able to add unplanned enhancements to the next release without upsetting the overall release plan, so the side effect will be minimized.


If you're a customer, you can expect a higher volume of your enhancement requests to make it into major releases more quickly. One example of the kind of work to expect from the team is the much-requested Sticky Threads feature. We'll be taking feature requests like this, prioritizing them with other feature enhancements and bug fixes, and getting them out the door in the next feature release that we can. Many bug fixes will make it into point releases, while feature enhancements will go into major releases.


On a related note, one thing that we've been sorely missing is a public feature request tracking area directly integrated into our internal systems. We have a project under way to add this level of integration with our internal systems, so stay tuned!


As you'd expect with the formation of a new team, we're hiring. If you're passionate about making software better, head over to the careers page and apply for the position you're interested in.

Pizza and HTML 5

Posted by greg2 Jul 27, 2009


On most Fridays at lunch time Jive hosts an engineering-oriented talk and supplies pizza. Topics have included cool technologies people are exploring, deep dives into the design and implementations of Jive SBS functionality, overviews of new product capabilities, and even the ways in which other parts of the company work.


This past Friday we had a special guest, Dietrich Ayala of Mozilla, who gave us an overview of HTML 5 and the current and planned capabilities for Firefox as it applies to HTML 5. He covered a bunch of features of the standard, including , <video/>, <audio/>, <canvas/>, Web Workers, drag and drop support, WAI-ARIA, storage, cross-document messaging, native MathML and SVG capabilities, and more. He also mentioned the html5-pdx Google group as a great way to connect with others in the Portland area.

Thanks Dietrich! We really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us.

Clearspace 2.0 Beta Sandbox

Posted by greg2 Mar 19, 2008

Following up on Nick's post from yesterday, there is now a public sandbox for the 2.0 beta. The beta sandbox is set up with Clearspace, not Clearspace X, but you can check out all of the new features that are in both products in the sandbox. You can register as a new user in the sandbox, but please be aware that the instance and data will be taken offline in early April with the general release of 2.0.


The best place to contribute is in the Clearspace Beta space. Thanks again for all your questions, comments, and feedback over the past few weeks!

Clearspace 2.0 Public Beta

Posted by greg2 Mar 11, 2008

We're very excited to announce the release the public beta of Clearspace and Clearspace X 2.0 today. We'll announce further details with the full release of 2.0, but this beta includes new features like:


  • Projects, intended to help groups of people coordinate with each other toward a common goal on a particular target date.

  • An end-user personalizable and administrator customizable home page.

  • Organizational chart views allowing people to better understand organizational relationships and leverage existing information maintained in LDAP or Active Directory.

  • Enhanced integration with Openfire 3.5, including easier setup, full integration of users and groups, shared authentication, auditing of administrative actions in both Clearspace/Clearspace X and Openfire, and the same administrative look and feel in Clearspace.

  • Great improvements to the rich text editor.

  • On the technical side there is an improved plugin framework, Spring support and an upgrade to Struts 2.0


We would love to get your feedback on the beta. The best place to contribute is in the Clearspace Beta space. You can download the beta releases from your Jive Software website account where you find other releases.


Documentation for the beta release is available here and includes upgrade information


In the coming weeks we will also be hosting a beta Clearspace instance so that you can try out the new release without installing a copy locally. We will post more details when that instance is ready.

Where's the beta?

Posted by greg2 Feb 14, 2008

Many of you have been anticipating a beta release today, and I have an update for you. As you might imagine, the first beta is expected to have some rough edges, and we decided to limit the distribution of this first beta to just a few customers. By keeping the number of beta 1 deployments low, we'll be able to work more closely with the people who deploy it and let the engineering team continue focusing on the rough edges we already know about.


I'm sorry for the abrupt change of plans. We're excited to have everyone participate in the beta process and believe that this is the best way to keep the release on track. The second beta release will come out in early March, and we intend to make that a fully open beta.

Clearspace 2.0 Beta is Coming

Posted by greg2 Feb 1, 2008

The Clearspace 2.0 beta is scheduled to arrive on February 14th (our Valentine's Day present to you). If you would like to participate, please let us know by posting in the beta discussion area. We've made a bunch of awesome improvements, and you won't want to miss getting an early preview during the beta program.


The beta-1 release will be made available on Feb 14 on the downloads page. A beta-2 release is scheduled for March 6. The process will be very quick, with only three weeks in which to install, test and send back feedback during each cycle. We'll post more details regarding the contents of the release and the logistics of the beta program soon.


Of course it comes with the standard beta disclaimer. Please keep in mind that we offer these betas to give customers an opportunity to test pre-released Jive Software. Do NOT run production environments using beta products. These beta products are entirely unsupported. However, we would love to hear your feedback here about the beta product to help us improve the final version of Clearspace.

Clearspace 1.7 Beta

Posted by greg2 Sep 21, 2007

The Clearspace and Clearspace X 1.7 beta releases are now available. A few of the highlights in this release include a fantastic new UI for threaded discussions, a new 'photo' profile field type, and the ability to consume OpenSearch-compatible search services (Clearspace and Clearspace X are already OpenSearch providers). Check out Dolan's video for much more detail about OpenSearch.


Just a reminder: please don't use these beta releases in production, and please don't upgrade your production instances to the beta releases. Instead, install the beta as a new installation or use a copy of your production system to try out the beta upgrade. We don't officially support the betas, but would love to get your feedback on them in Jivespace.

Thanks to some great feedback from community members I wanted to clearly articulate the current differences between Clearspace and Clearspace X as well as provide sense of how the products will continue to diverge over time. You can also check out a video on the same topic.


When Clearspace was under development we realized that trying to force a single product into two very different use cases was a bad idea. Since Clearspace and Clearspace X serve different purposes, and have a different set of users and buying criteria, we decided to give them each their own focus. Clearspace is focused on giving people inside organizations a place to "get work done" that breaks down silos between groups, gives everyone a voice and recognition, and keeps people in the loop. Clearspace X, on the other hand, focuses on providing a full-featured online community solution where the needs are around customers getting support, providing feedback, sharing ideas and connecting with other users. This distinction allows our development teams to focus on solving specific business problems instead of worrying about how one product must "boil the ocean" by solving everyone's needs.


Current Differences

The current feature differences stem from different configuration defaults and exposed functionality. Over time the products will diverge more significantly as new features are created for each use case. However, at an architectural level the differences between the products are basically non-existent, and we don't expect the two products to diverge architecturally in any meaningful way.




Profile Fields

The two products contain different default profile fields: Clearspace contains 'location', 'title', 'phone number', 'biography' and 'expertise'. Clearspace X contains 'location', 'occupation', 'biography', 'expertise', and 'homepage'.

Create Blog Permission

Registered users are given permission by default to create a blog in Clearspace but are not allowed to create a blog unless given permission in Clearspace X.

Guest Access

Anonymous / guest users are allowed to view content in Clearspace X by default, but in Clearspace that permission is off which forces users to first login before viewing any content.

Private Messages

Private messages are enabled by default in Clearspace X and disabled by default in Clearspace.

Blog Trackbacks

Blog trackbacks are off by default in Clearspace but on by default in Clearspace X.

Blog Pings

Blog pinging is enabled by default in Clearspace X and disabled by default in Clearspace. Blog pinging is a process that happens behind the scenes in most blog software. When enabled, your instance will send an XML-RPC ping to, Google blog search and Technorati, but only if blog pinging is enabled when a new blog post is created / published on your system.

Email Visibility

Email addresses on user profiles are hidden by default in Clearspace X and are visible by default in Clearspace.


Clearspace X uses the word 'Community' when describing the containers for content while Clearspace uses the word 'Space'.


Clearspace X uses a different design than Clearspace. The difference is controlled by using jive-external.css versus jive-internal.css.


More Differences Over Time

Over time there will be certain features or changes that only make sense in one or the other product.




Reputation and Recognition

The way that the reputation and recognition system work will change over time as each product gets a more focused version of the system.

Read/Write WebDAV

This type of functionality only makes sense in Clearspace for most customers.

Certain Integrations

Integrations with other systems may only make sense in one use case or the other.



Clearspace and Clearspace X have different purposes and are meant to solve different problems. So it only makes sense that we want the respective development teams to be thinking about those problems as they further refine the product. The current differences are primarily focused on configuration to best fit the problem being solved by each product, but these differences will continue to grow as new features are added that are unique to its intended use case.

We're excited to announce that the Clearspace and Clearspace X betas are now part of the release train and will be released every three weeks on the Wednesday directly following when the prior general release is made available. The first beta is available today for version 1.6, just after the final release of 1.5 came out last week.


Please don't use these beta releases in production, and please don't upgrade your production instances to the beta releases. Instead, install the beta as a new installation or use a copy of your production system to try out the beta upgrade. We don't officially support the betas, but would love to get your feedback on them in Jivespace.

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