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Based on feedback from many of you, we are changing the way we handle Jive maintenance releases. These changes will provide you with higher quality maintenance releases on a more predictable timeline.

We have created a dedicated development team that is focused entirely on maintenance releases. This team will provide two types of releases:

Maintenance Releases
Every three months Jive will ship a maintenance release for all supported versions. These releases will be available in March, June, September, and December.  By shipping fewer, more comprehensive maintenance releases on a predictable schedule, you can more easily plan for updates to your Jive implementation.

We will aggressively target defects in the latest release (i.e. Jive 4.5) and will provide fixes to critical defects in older supported versions.

When critical issues arise that affect site stability and uptime, we will release targeted hotfixes. Hot-fixes will be extremely narrow in scope.  They will be designed to minimize the chance of interfering with your customizations to ensure ease of deployment and to minimize the chance of regressions.   Hot-fixes will be released on an as-needed basis.

Thanks to all of you that provided feedback and helped us define this new process.

-Brian Roddy

SVP of Engineering

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