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The upgrade of the Jive Community to 5.0 includes changes to workflow as well as additional functionality. The way that you interact with the community has changed, and there are several new ways you will be able to manage your cases.



As with the previous version of the Support Community, you can start by navigating to to be dropped onto your customer group.


Reviewing list of customer cases


The Overview tab is functionally unchanged, and still offers a convenient way to view and manually prioritize open cases.

The Support tab no longer exists. We didn't want to eliminate the location for our Support and customer documentation, so we made the Support Information tab the new place to deliver that information to you:



However, case browsing is now done from the Content tab, which relies on the Browse Framework of Jive 5.0 to provide a new and much more powerful way of browsing for cases:

  • Navigate to your customer account group
  • Click on the Content tab
  • Here you'll see that you're automatically set to view the open cases for your account


  • There are currently 6 filters you can choose from. For example, to see the cases currently waiting on you or your account, select the filter 'Waiting on Customer'

Also, you can now view your cases from your profile! This allows you to view just your cases. To do this, browse to your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right, or anywhere else your name appears. Click on the Content tab, then choose Cases and the filter you'd like! On the left, you can also filter to your authored cases, cases you participated in, or cases you are following:

sshot 2.png


Changes to the case creation screen


We have slimmed down the case creation screen slightly. We are no longer asking you for the component or asking you to clarify your request as a question, problem or feature request. Environment details are now more apparent on the right side of the case screen:



New ways to interact with support cases


Jive 5.0 supports more than just the traditional ways to respond to content (and support cases). You can review the core documentation here. In addition, support case updates now automatically set the case status to "Waiting for Jive" to put the next action on Jive Support:

  1. When you reply to a support case from the thread view page.
  2. When you reply via the Communications Stream or the Activity Stream.
  3. When you reply via email (this is not new functionality, but wanted to document it here as well).


Other changes


  • Colleague Content tab has been removed.
  • Product Issue Cases tab has been removed. We plan to replace this within the content tab soon.
  • New 5.0 environments available.


Recognized issues

  1. Create case is not in Create menu.
  2. Cannot filter cases by severity - this was previously possible with the Support tab in a customer group.
  3. Several issues where cases are erroneously identified as discussions.
  4. Icon choices and slight sizing issues.

As mentioned in Jive Community upgrade to Jive 5.0, the much-anticipated upgrade of Jive Community/Jive Support Community is happening on-schedule late tomorrow!


Important: this requires the six hour maintenance window from 9:00 pm August 4 to 3:00 am August 5. All times are Pacific. The maintenance page will display a telephone number for Severity 1 issues, and we will continue  to monitor and respond to all our hosted sites.


When the upgrade is complete you will be able to take advantage of all the fantastic features and workflow improvements available in Jive 5.0! Please reply here with your questions and comments.


NB: Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported with Jive 5 - you will not be able to browse Jive Community or create cases with IE6.


Thank you,


Jive Support

We are temporarily disabling JIRA integration with the Support  Community on July 22 at 6 p.m. Pacific. It will again be available on  August 5.


The  integration is between Jive engineering's JIRA issue tracking system  and the links available to you in Support cases and the "Product Issue  Cases" tab in your customer group. The downtime is for upgrading and  testing JIRA, data fields, and the process used to manage issues, and is  one of the multiple systems being upgraded as part of the Jive Community upgrade to Jive 5.0.


Please  plan ahead and immediately review any urgent JIRA issues. Otherwise,  during this downtime you can always post a question regarding a JIRA issue in the linked  Support case.


We  apologize for the inconvenience of the downtime but are confident that  the new capabilities of Jive 5.0 as well as improved processes will be  well worth the wait! Stay tuned to this blog for progress updates.


Please post your questions and comments below.



Thank you,


Jive Support

The August 4 upgrade of the Jive Community includes features and enhancements specific to our Support Community customer groups.


In 5.0 it will be even easier to create cases! The streamlined case entry page has fewer fields to fill out and its improved  layout highlights the most critical information. We've retained the  same basic usage pattern, so little or no ramp up time is required to be  fully productive on this new version.


Stay  tuned to this blog for previews of the look and functionality, as well  as common usage scenarios and how to use features that are all new in  5.0. Please post your questions and comments below.



Thank you,


Jive Support

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