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Hello Jivespace! We here at Jive are reaching out to collect feedback on how companies are using wikis to collaborate on a large scale. We often hear stories from users who have moved to Clearspace.


But, you have a unique perspective on wikis as developers: technical details of the back-end installation and maintenance, troubleshooting, supporting end-users, and the myriad of other facets that come with administering wikis in a large organization. Do any of these questions sound familiar...


  • Did your company use wiki technology before using Clearspace?

  • Did you maintain multiple wikis? How were they connected?

  • Did you outgrow a wiki solution? What were the technical limitations?

  • Were you looking for a stand-alone wiki, or a more comprehensive solution?

  • What was the biggest hurdle faced by your end-users?



Wikis are great tools. But, when do you need more than a wiki? We'd love to hear your wiki stories from the trenches of IT.



(As a thank-you, we'll send out a Jivespace t-shirt to those who can provide some good stories on wiki usage in the enterprise!)



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