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During this coming weekend, we will be rolling out an enhancement to how cloud search handles recently created or edited documents. Today's behavior merges search results from recently edited documents and from the main search index into one set of results (with the recent edits on top). This means that if you create a doc, then search for it, you find it - but it also means that recent edits get a short term boost in how they are displayed by the search system. We have received feedback from many customers that this behavior is problematic and we are working on a long term fix for it. However, we have also decided that a good short term fix will be to only include the the recent edits of the current logged in user in the "recent index" that gets boosted.


The primary impact it will have on users is that recently edited documents will no longer get an extra boost (except for documents that user recently edited himself). The potential downside is that for recently created documents - users will have to wait for the documents to be included in the main index (usually ~15 minutes lag time) before they can be found (via search) by users who are not the author.


*Note: This change is happening this weekend for our US (PHX) data center. Due to scheduling, the EMEA data center update (AMS) will be in the next few weeks.

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