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As part of keeping our customers informed of changes being done to the cloud search service, we will be publishing regular release notes.


To see them follow the Jive Interactive Intranet space or watch this blog.


Here are the notes from Jan/Feb Cloud Search Release Notes - Jan/Feb 2013


02.25.2013:  Release of Twitter Plugin for Jive


02.25.2013: Updated plugin for Jive

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Jive is a maintenance release that fixes critical issues.

You can download from your purchases page.


Issues Fixed

JIVE-25947 - Certain widgets do not display the Content Editor in some languages.

JIVE-25850 - In Internet Explorer 8, spotlight search results in an error.

Jive Antivirus Extension 6.0.1-1

  • Resolved an issue causing the Moderation pane on the Overview page to be blank when the extension was installed on a 6.0.0 instance

Jive Antivirus Extension 6.0.1-0 - with improved UI and Scan Workflow for 6.0.

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