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I am pleased to announce the release of This is a maintenance release that fixes urgent issues.


Downloads are available via your purchases page.


Issues Addressed

JIVE-8532 - Binary Storage Migration Does Not Migrate Binary Content To Filestorage (APPLIED)

JIVE-8015 - DB error deleting Jive user

JIVE-9522 - Bug in the BrowseManager results in objects not being bulk loaded

JIVE-9720 - Default number of "Matters Most" worker threads is overloading the recommender and duplicating work in EAE

JIVE-9721 - "Matters Most" worker thread sleep time is not configurable (related to JIVE-9531)

JIVE-9189 - Increase WM polling time to 5 minutes

RECO-35 / JIVE-9783 - EAE-Recommender communication does not work with an http proxy

JIVE-10007 - Scaling images to thumbnails or icons can lead to an infinite loop

JIVE-9922 - Oracle casts empty string as null in EAE database tables resulting in Followed Activity notifications to fail

JIVE-9986 - Jive Connects permission model not enforced in 5.0.0 & 5.0.1!

JIVE-10046 - Change in SalesForce.Com behavior breaks Jive Connects

OFFISYNC-523 - Coauthoring not working in 5.0.1


SSO Issues

  • JIVE-7686 Unable to single sign off with SAML
  • JIVE-9188 SSO logins cannot be linked to exiting federated user accounts (e.g., LDAP populated accounts)
  • JIVE-9123 Exception why trying to deserialize ExternalCacheKey
  • JIVE-9293 ADFS is unable to consume /saml/metadata content
  • JIVE-7809 SAML SP Metadata ACS URL should be customizable
  • JIVE-9603 Profile fields are not mapped
  • JIVE-9073 SAML metadata refresh logs stacktrace even when disabled
  • JIVE-7688 SAML SSO tab throws an error if metadata doesn't have an idpsso descriptor
  • JIVE-9143 SAML admin page validation expects EntityDescriptor element as a child of the root element
  • JIVE-9081 NPE when trying to edit SAML metadata
  • JIVE-9272 Metadata ACS urls generated incorrectly, so cannot authenticate against instance
  • JIVE-9136 POST Binding fails with Velocity template not found
  • JIVE-9081 NPE when trying to edit SAML metadata
  • JIVE-8683 With SAML authentication, jive.user.lastname.firstname.enabled value is not respected
  • JIVE-8586 SAML metadata update requires restart

SharePoint Connector 5.0

Overview of this Module

Jive SharePoint Connector 5.0 is now available!  This Jive SharePoint Connector 5.0 can only be used with Jive 5.0.1, and is not an upgrade from the Jive SharePoint Connector 1.6 plugin.  SPC 5.0 has the same features as Jive SharePoint Connector 1.6. If you use Jive version 4.5, you can download SharePoint Connector 1.6, which is the most current version.  If you have previously purchased the SharePoint Connector module and would like the latest version, please create a case in your customer group, and we will reply with a link and password.  You can get the Jive SharePoint Connector by creating a case in your customer group.  You cannot download it from your Purchases or the Plugin Downloads space.


What's New in this Release?

Support for Jive 5 (beginning with version 5.0.1)


SharePoint Connector Compatibility Matrix



Refer to the documentation and Release Notes for details.

10.21.2011- Updated releases for Jive 4.5.6 and Jive 5.0.


10.10.2011: Updated release for 4.5.7 - provides performance improvements and fixes the following issues:

     * JIVE-7815 - The Twitter plugin fails to install if another plugin has loaded and defined a universal match pattern.

     * JIVE-7894 - Update the logic used to calculate the time delay between each user update.


10.10.2011: Video Plugin Update for Jive 4.5.x

I'm pleased to announce the availability of maintenance release 4.5.7. This release includes support for all supported systems.


You can find out more about the defects fixed here Fixed Issues in Jive 4.5.7


You can access the release and more details here:


As usual, the real credit for this release goes to the engineering team. Thanks!

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