Patch Release: Jive

Blog Post created by keith.hall on Jul 25, 2011

New release as of: 7/25/11

Downloads are available via your purchases page.


Support Included for:

All supported systems.



This release fixes these bugs.


     JIVE-6866   Jive Apps that use the People Picker do not work in IE 8 or 9

     JIVE-6775   Jive Apps developers may experience errors when  programming Apps to attach files to blogs, docs, or other Jive content

     JIVE-7059   Cache server defaulting to 20 admin connections in 5.0

     JIVE-7069   Disabling clustering in one node unclusters ALL nodes

     JIVE-7038   osapi.jive.core.users not executing callback when function attached to prototype

     JIVE-7056   App icons do not refresh for Tungle


Tons of great documentation and what's new details on our website:

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