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Release Day!  Jive 5.0.0

Posted by patrick.lin Jun 30, 2011

I'm excited and pleased to announce that Jive 5 is now generally available!  With this game-changing release, Jive is driving the new way to business by:

  • Delivering the right information to the right person at the right time with Jive What Matters
  • Introducing a revolutionary new way to bring innovation to the enterprise with the Jive Apps Market
  • Bringing a complete social experience to the Microsoft desktop


This list, impressive as it is, is just scratching the surface of an incredibly cool release. To get your hands on it, here are a few shortcuts:


In addition, we've created an entire library of technical, strategy and implementation materials to help ensure a successful upgrade, so please check those out here.


I want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible effort, energy and passion that was required of the team at Jive -- Engineering, QA, Products, Support, Professional Services, Sales Engineering and too many others to list -- to deliver on Jive 5.  We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it -- now on to the new way to business!


6.30.2011:  Release of Mobile Plugin for Jive 5.0.x

Analytics 5.0.0 - Jive 5.0.x.

6/30/2011:  New release for 5.0.0.


6.30.2011:  Release of Video Plugin for Jive 5.0.x

Insights 5.0.0 - Jive 5.0.x.

6/30/2011:  New release for 5.0.0.


6.30.2011:  Release of Twitter Plugin for Jive 5.0.x

Ideation 5.0.0 - Jive 5.0.x

6/30/2011:  New release for 5.0.0.

Ideation 2.0.7 - Jive 4.0.x

6.2.2011:  Updated plugin to 2.0.7 with the following bug fixes.

        IDEA-231 Security fix

        IDEA-232 Security fix
        IDEA-235 Apply translations to email templates
        IDEA-239 An unexpected error has occurred after publishing an idea

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