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Hello and welcome to the updated Jivespace (4.0.5) and the new Supportal (4.1.0)!


This release of the Supportal has quite a few updated features, and some are long overdue! Read on to find out about the updated changes.



Documentation Search

Previously there was no way to search documentation from our Support site, and we have now included documentation search in 3 different locations!


The first is from the general Support space via a spotlight search widget.


The second is when submitting a new support case.  You'll see that we search the community and documentation when you are entering your case subject. This helps you see the other cases in the community that might help, as well as supporting documentation. If you don't see anything useful there, go ahead and continue to submit your support case!


The last place for documentation search is on the Support tab of your personalized customer group. Below the customer documentation, you'll see a search box which does a spotlight search of community content as well as documentation.




Support Focus

With our previous updates to both our Support customizations and Jivespace in general, Support focus was slightly lost. With this release we have brought some updated features to help you find the information and help you need when looking for technical software support from Jive.


Support Action

The first of these changes is a new Support link at the top of our theme. Clicking 'Support' from the page header will navigate you to your personal customer group's support tab automatically. If you belong to multiple accounts you'll have a quick intermediate screen to choose the account to navigate to. If you are not logged in or your account is not associated with a customer group, you'll be directed to our general Support community.


Customer Documentation

We previously had a lot of our customer-focused communication on our general support page, which, frankly, did not get visited or read by our customers. On your new Support tab you'll see 3 columns with customer-focused support information. Each of these items can be hidden / shown on an individual or personal level. Also, if we update or change that information we have a method to flush your hidden preference to ensure you see our updated customer docs.





Customer Announcements

We have added the ability to push out customer announcements to all customer groups at once, allowing us to highlight Support changes, upcoming Jivespace changes, product announcements, etc., to all customers at once. For any major changes or announcements, we will also email an update to our customers. (See example in above image or in your personal customer group.)


Sortable Columns

This one is long over due! The first thing you might notice is you now have the option to list only your open cases. After that you can see that you can sort by each of the column headers, and finally you can filter by severity. By default, all severity levels are selected, but clicking the red X allows you to eliminate them from the current listing.


Example, sorted on Last Post:



Additional Smaller improvements

Tracking case component

When creating a case or viewing an existing case, you'll now see a 'Component' field, which will allow us to better identify and drive internal action for hot issues.


Modified public case options

Ever confused about where to put a public case? The default (and most common) option is Support, which is our general support community. Any case that you feel others could learn from (or now view as a search result when creating their next case) please make public!  Also note that if the case goes down a path you feel is too private, you may change the public case option to 'No' at any time.  After saving the case it will immediately move back to your customer group.

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