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New releases today: 10/30/09

Downloads are available via your purchases page. (Note: 4.0 will appear later this weekend.)


Jive SBS 4.0.0

Tons of great documentation and what's new details on our website:

Full Documentation

Release Notes

Full Support Included for:

Red Hat Enterprise 4 (32 and 64 bit)

Red Hat Enterprise 5 (32 and 64 bit)

Limited Support for: (currently lacking support for MS Office Integration feature functionality)

SUSE Linux Enterprise (32 and 64 bit)

No Support for:

Solaris, coming in future releases.  Will update this document when dates are known for certain.

Language support: translations will be available by 4.0.2

Jive SBS 3.0.9

Full Documentation


Known Issues

Clearspace 2.5.18

Full Documentation


Known Issues

Hello, Jivespace users and viewers!


Jive SBS 4.0 is generating quite a bit of buzz out in the marketplace, as well as here in Support.  We are excited about the new features we'll be taking advantage of when we upgrade, including some additional features and functionality in our Supportal customization.  Please read on to find out what is coming up in about a month!


First, the Vision

Jivespace started out with a focus on technical conversations and customer support.  Looking ahead, the vision for Jivespace is broadening to be a more connected communication ecosystem for technical and business people from the Jive team, customers, prospective customers, and partners.  The first step of this vision has already occurred (Oct. 3) by establishing a Business Conversations space and merging into that space all the content and conversations from a Jive community previously called Clearstep.  Many Jivespace members were also members of Clearstep, and, as just one example of the benefits to members, they now only have to worry about 1 set of login credentials.


With the upgrade to 4.0 in the near future, there are many additional features that will significantly help bring this vision to life.  Many of these new features are highlighted further below.  However, more than just new features, Jive is thinking about this community in a much more holistic way, and we are dedicated to making it a showcase of how businesses need to be operating by breaking down all the silos both within and outside a company's four walls.

Changes to the Supportal


Transition to Social Groups

We are making a big change when upgrading to 4.0: moving customers from spaces to social groups!  As we continue to evolve our support spaces, we have added additional functionality for membership.  One of the biggest advantages to moving to social groups is that we get membership for free!  We had been duplicating membership functionality, which, when looking at it from a higher level, really didn't make sense!  Social group are another way to align with our vision for Jivespace.


Cases and discussions

Both discussions and support cases will coexist in your customer group.  This lets you easily engage with other groups at Jive Software without having to wonder, "Where should this go?  It's not a support case."


Improved Severity 1 handling

We continually refine our support for major customer issues and have three changes in this release which help get us to the next level.


Severity 1 cases are now re-pageable

When a Severity 1 case is submitted by a customer with Premium Support, our on-call engineer is paged.  Once the on-call engineer acknowledges this page, no additional pages will be sent. Typically this is just what we want: an alert to get our attention for a S1 issue.  However, there are times where an on-call engineer asks for additional information or has an otherwise lengthy wait for a customer response.  During business hours this isn't a big deal, but off hours, in the middle of the night, it can be a burden.


To resolve this we've made S1 issues re-pagable.  When the S1 issue switches status to 'Waiting on Jive' during off hours, a new round of pages will be sent out.  This allows us the freedom to catch a few winks or otherwise step away from the computer while waiting for a response.  This will also help us increase our responsiveness to customers, as we'll be alerted immediately when the status of the case changes.


Integrated RCA cases (Root Cause Analysis)

Traditionally, Support has created separate Root Cause Analysis (RCA) cases for S1 issues upon request.  This was usually an ad-hoc exercise for sharing our findings.  Moving forward we'd like to solidify this process. To improve this practice we've implemented a 'Create RCA Case' feature available to our Support Engineers.  With one click, an Engineer can create a case based on a defined RCA template.  When doing so, we automatically link the S1 issue case to the RCA case for increased visibility and navigation.  Making it easy to create RCA cases will drive us to create RCAs for S1s at a higher rate than ever before, which in turn will help us ensure we are either prepared for this issue next time, or--better yet--stop it all together.  With increased visibility to RCA cases for our customers as well as the Support Engineers, resolution time for repeat issues should be dramatically reduced.


Automatic and Proactive follow-ups on Severity 1 issues

Severity 1 issues were not seeing the love they deserved.  We care as much about closing-out customer-reported S1 issues as you do, and with a new proactive follow-up tool in place, any S1 cases that become inactive for a couple days will send a friendly reminder to both the customer and the assigned Support Engineer.  Alternatives are to 1) decrease the severity of your case when it is no longer a Severity1 issue, or 2)  use the previously mentioned RCA ability to close out S1 issues quickly and effectively!


Upgrading to 4.0 = New features!


Without a doubt, 4.0 is Jive's biggest release ever, and we plan to leverage every applicable aspect for our public-facing communities.  In the Support area we're especially excited to use the new bridging capability with our internal community which will allow for more streamlined communication between our Support and Engineering teams.

We occasionally need to engage our Engineering team to help with complex support cases.  Using automatic linking and the ability to push and pull messages in either direction will be a huge help!  We are also jazzed about the improved HTML email support, as well as the ever-improving RTE.  In addition, we have some amazing new functionality that will make viewing uploaded MSOffice or PDF documents a breeze, with no need to download.


A brief highlight of some of the new Jive elements you won't see on Jivespace but you should definitely learn about are Jive Market Engagement, our SharePoint Connector, new mobile elements (that we can't talk much about until the actual launch in a few days), and new reporting capabilities.



Thank you,


Will French, Support Manager

Adam Mertz, Product Marketing Manager

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