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Welcome to Jive SBS! We just upgraded our Jivespace community to SBS 3.0.1, and along with it upgraded the Supportal customization, adding a few new features and improvements.


If you see any issues, please post a discussion in our The specified item was not found. space or create a public case there, and we'll get it addressed quickly.


Now, on to the new features:


An updated Open Cases widget allows prioritizing by the customer

We previously allowed you to view your open cases, but sometimes when you have a few open cases it can be helpful to rank them in importance--both for you and your company, but for us as well. Have a look at it here, and it will automatically be in your account's secure space next time you log in!


Account Member Management falls into the hands of the Customer

Prior to this Supportal upgrade, if you wanted to add or remove someone from your secure space, you needed to ask Support to do so. Well, with the upgraded Supportal, you can now put this power into the hands of someone that is currently a part of your account. There is still one manual step, asking Support to appoint one of your users as 'user admin' for your account. Once designated, the user admin can add and remove users, as well as add/remove the admin privilege should that assignment need to change. You can see the link to manage account members on the Group Membership Widget on your secure space overview. Don't see it? Ask Support to add it to your account space today!



First integrated Environment tracking on cases

Are you tired of Support continually asking what version you're running, or similar questions? Well, we're tired of asking it too ! We've now taken the first step to associating Environments to each and every one of your cases. That way, if the version does matter, we can simply take a look at the environment you have associated with the case and dive right into troubleshooting. What's the catch? We are going to need you to keep these as current as possible in order to make this all work smoothly. We are hoping to evolve this to be able to eliminate the Product drop down and solely use Environments in the future. We welcome your feedback and help in shaping this new feature in the Supportal. Please visit our The specified item was not found. space to do this.




Lastly, some new UI when creating a case

As you can see from the screenshot above, we've added some indication of what fields are required when creating a new case, and something you may also not notice is that we have taken away the 'Stage' detail as it was not useful to us.


Again, please let us know if you see any issues, and we hope you enjoy the new Supportal and the overall upgrade to SBS!

New releases today: 4/13/09

Downloads are available via your purchases page. You can expect the next patch release to be available in 4 weeks

Jive SBS 3.0.1

Full Documentation


Clearspace 2.5.10

Full Documentation


Clearspace 2.0.15


Full Documentation


Please be aware, this is the final patch release for 2.0.x.  For more information, please refer to this post.

We got a lot of good feedback from customers when we announced the 3.0 builds and platform changes. As a result, we've added back support for the MySQL and SQLServer databases. I'd like to take a minute to address some of the feedback and explain some of the background for this move.


As background, we've changed the way we package and ship our software. I just published an in-depth look at the benefits of this move - a good read if you're looking to understand more.


The package we've built is available on Linux and Solaris and runs on the following databases: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and MS SQLServer. The application itself is available as an installable package and bundles an application server, Java runtime, the app itself, and a set of optimized preconfigurations (example: tuned JVM settings).


Why make this move? A number of reasons. We talk to customers often and the consistent number one priorities are performance, scalability, stability, and the support experience. We get a lot of great feature and improvement ideas but those top priorities are the air customers breathe. Based on that, we try to move the needle in these areas significantly for each release. For example, for the 2.5 release we managed a 40% performance improvement overall. In 3.0 the numbers aren't quite as dramatic but we've added new features and performance has not suffered. As we looked up and down our architecture it became clear that some new thinking was needed.


The application has evolved past the point where it can be distributed as a standalone WAR file (however, to be clear - a WAR does still exist in the bundle). The context in which it runs is vitally important, especially for things like performance but also for features. We need the ability to depend on the environment we run in and there is a lot of variance in server-side Java deployments.


On the support side, we've seen too many misconfigurations in the environment. For example, sometimes we see issues where a customer is unable to change the parameters of the VM either to allocate more heap memory or to change the GC settings - these kinds of things are vitally important to the Jive app. Another big challenge is just access to the right log/debug files - none of this is consistent among appservers. Also, oftentimes the best information is a Java heap dump and we've seen the ability to get that information be a real challenge. In the new package, we've distributed a script that grabs every relevant log file and heap dump and zips it up in a way that can easily be sent to our support team. We feel this will dramatically improve the time-to-resolve issues.


What doesn't change? It's important to note that development, customizations, plugins, themes, etc don't change in at all. For example, how you deploy a plugin is exactly the same. Clustering also works in the same way. This is not an appliance, nor is it a black box. (Note, an appliance is something we'd consider as an option for future deployments - let us know if you have feedback on this approach).


We believe there are a lot of benefits to this approach. Ultimately, this foundation will allow us to develop some very unique features while delivering continued huge performance and scalability gains. We definitely recognize some customers will have problems migrating to this platform and we're more than willing to make it work for you - just let us know.


(One final note: within a week we will announce when the extra database support will be available.)


If you have questions, comment on this post or feel free to drop me a line at

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