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New releases today: 3/19/09

Downloads are available via your purchases page

Clearspace 2.5.9

Full Documentation

Clearspace 2.0.14

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You can expect the next patch release to be available in 4 weeks

Please be aware, the next patch release for 2.0.x will be the last release before 2.0.x transitions to its legacy phase.  For more information, please refer to this post.

Fixed Issues in 2.5.9

  • [CS-11727] Pasting a link into the editor in a non pre / blockquote block doesn't change to a persistent link
  • [CS-12161] Backport - Improve logic in CommunityProxy.getCommunityCount() to better support large numbers of communities     
  • [CS-11875] Browsing spaces (/community) causes the page to load indefinitely with a large # of spaces             
  • [CS-11793] Typo error in plugin upload: atleast          
  • [CS-11792] Recent content hovering of a guest avatar fails with system error             
  • [CS-11776] Escaped characters from wiki syntax are showing the escape backslash after content is converted to 2.5 format            
  • [CS-11739] Email templates have some hardcoded locale settings for i18n keys             
  • [CS-11593] Body content conversion process can fail with some 1.10 content if the APPLY_CUSTOMER_SPECIFIC_CONTENT_CONVERSION variable is set to true             
  • [CS-11546] Inconsistencies in page titles             
  • [CS-11522] social group cannot be deleted if it contains a banned member            
  • [CS-11473] Organizational relationship -> filter by user name showing incorrect results.             
  • [CS-11454] applying a new license should not change system properties            
  • [CS-11375] Guest messages with name property don't show name in thread list or recent content             
  • [CS-11352] UserService disable / enable annotations are reversed             
  • [CS-11343] UserContainerManager is null when running through setup             
  • [CS-11301] Compare versions has scrollbar in IE7 that cuts off last line of text             
  • [CS-11282] IPInterceptor email subject and body needs real text            
  • [CS-11281] Report abuse on thread changes modification date             
  • [CS-11260] More context links dropped when linking via RTE            
  • [CS-11191] Approving/Rejecting content reported as abusive sends a confusing email to the content author            
  • [CS-11123] Default peoples page view: cannot set to sort by name          
  • [CS-11120] Accepting connection request can result in erroneous friend graph for requesting party.             
  • [CS-11104] Moderation: rejected messages still show-up for admins/moderators             
  • [CS-11075] Thread paginator does not take moderated messages into account when determining how many pages to show             
  • [CS-11061] Migration from MSSQL server to postgres is not migrating document bodies             
  • [CS-11060] Upgrade from 1.10.x to 2.5.x documents with wiki links to other documents and no title, title gets changed to URL of document on edit             
  • [CS-11034] Setting max number of Message Attachments < 3 causes Social Group image creation error  - Bullfrog            
  • [CS-10989] Tabs: cursor interprets as text instead of link for IE            
  • [CS-10714] Can't invite users to projects            
  • [CS-10658] Time zone selection under 'Your Preferences' does not change with locale.             
  • [CS-10626] Punctuation from UTF8 languages is not recognized as valid in poll options            
  • [CS-10587] <BODY></BODY> on Live Writer is breaking BLOG            
  • [CS-10554] Tags that contain double quotes cause the Javascript on the view tags page to give errors             
  • [CS-10460] Editing the space name and display name or deleting a space should clear the community cache             
  • [CS-10423] Wiki documents containing unbalanced HTML tags fail to upgrade from 1.10 to 2.5             
  • [CS-10422] StackOverflowException encountered in WikiLexer during upgrade             
  • [CS-10417] Keyboard navigation in the RTE is buggy at times             
  • [CS-10390] Recent content only has 100 items            
  • [CS-10417] Keyboard navigation in the RTE is buggy at times            
  • [CS-10390] Recent content only has 100 items           
  • [CS-10386] IP Interceptor email not being sent due to a typo             
  • [CS-10382] XSS on DOCs IE6             
  • [CS-10372] Email Visible setting not saving changes             
  • [CS-10368] Responding to email and adding a gateway address as recipient creates blank guest post            
  • [CS-10320] LDAP user First and Last name fields get merged into First Name on Clearspace             
  • [CS-10319] The discussions and document tabs on a community home page are not lining up with other tabs in IE             
  • [CS-10302] Invitation to Group doesn't work if user previous left group            
  • [CS-10300] userproxy incorrectly delegates isSetNameVisibleSupported to isSetNameSupported            
  • [CS-10246] JiveCompressionFilter.isLesserIE null pointer exception if no user-agent is set            
  • [CS-10215] Restarting the server will change an email gateway's IMAP folder to INBOX, and reset SSL enabled to false             
  • [CS-10209] Search -> More options still has box for Discussions and Documents even when those features are disabled             
  • [CS-10208] On User Profile Invite Friends to Join Link Has Incorrect Parameters             
  • [CS-10176] Report abuse on a thread makes the last post by information incorrect until a new message is posted             
  • [CS-10164] Incoming link to document still shows after document isn't linked anymore             
  • [CS-10136] Images are not displaying correctly if resized and/or sitting in a table cell             
  • [CS-10133] User Search in Admin Console doesn't paginate             
  • [CS-10105] Inconsistent result filter behavior with extended properties             
  • [CS-10098] Document page does not open in a highly populated database             
  • [CS-10074] Spotlight search is not looking for tags            
  • [CS-10059] XSS on blog Comments as Guest          
  • [CS-10049] Suggested tags and popular tags list contains tags from all spaces rather than just the one the user is in             
  • [CS-10001] XSS on Blog trackbacks            
  • [CS-9987] System error viewing to PDF a document with international characters            
  • [CS-9934] The Browse Spaces page is very non performant when there are a large number of spaces            
  • [CS-9895] Index rebuilds continuously due to overflow            
  • [CS-9755] Default Status Level show null as a large image            
  • [CS-9754] Missing status level image: statusicon-46.gif and statusicon-52.gif            
  • [CS-9751] TOC macro hidden after initial publish            
  • [CS-9748] Reset Password allows you to go under 6 character minimum            
  • [CS-9746] Changing a user's username will result in incorrect path to their blog           
  • [CS-9702] modification date on containers isn't be updated when new messages or new blog posts or new comments are posted            
  • [CS-9661] Attachments are deleted from the database            
  • [CS-9603] You View tab broken when using non-English locale            
  • [CS-9594] Excell 2007 icon not showing on the binary body            
  • [CS-9484] Display bug in Admin Console Discussion Management IE            
  • [CS-9483] Give the tag display page for a space the option to be recursive            
  • [CS-9445] Html code macros containing object/param tags fails to render            
  • [CS-9417] Minor information disclousre in /clearspace/people            
  • [CS-9338] Out of memory error in tomcat when sending private messages in clustered environment            
  • [CS-9117] Wrong translation of verb "to be" in email template in Spanish           
  • [CS-9106] Plugin based macros are not properly applying their properties           
  • [CS-8940] all watches are created as expirable which means watches on users, spaces, groups, projects and communities are getting deleted           
  • [CS-8827] HTML emails are not processed correctly via email gateway            
  • [CS-8687] Updating Formatted Text Widget Will Fail if Widget Text is Too Long Votes: 1
  • [CS-8317] Upgrade "Restart Needed" screen should have link back to site.          
  • [CS-7896] Senior Cluster Node Not Showing Recent Content Beyond Front Page            
  • [CS-7654] Jump to Blog is displaying error, if blog address is longer than 40 characters.

I'm happy to announce that the Jive SBS 3.0 build we blogged about last week is now available for download and is fully supported. Now you can download the new build from your purchases or evaluation page. (Note to current customers - a link to the 3.0 builds will automatically appear for you this week - in the meantime, try the evaluation build.)


Documentation, and a brief description of what's new, improved, and changed, can be found in the Jive SBS 3.0 documentation site. Release notes are also available.


Also of note this release is a change to the way the application is packaged and distributed. We now ship a fully configured and optimized runtime for Linux and Solaris along with the application (note - the Solaris build will be available in Q2). This means there's no need to configure the Java runtime or an application server - it's all bundled. This significantly reduces the time to install the application and means customers can take advantage of the most optimal configurations. For more information, please read the system requirements documentation.


Finally, we have a number of customers using Jive in different languages - here is the release schedule:


3.0.0 (3/16/09)
3.0.1 (4/13/09)
3.0.2 (5/11/09)
3.0.3 (6/8/09)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Simplified Chinese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese




Update: based on feedback on this post and other feedback we've decided to continue support for the MySQL and SQLServer databases. Specific dates for these changes will be announced within a week. For more details, please read the new blog post: More Details on the Jive 3.0 Platform.

Effective April 13th, 2009, Clearspace 2.0.X will enter Legacy product support phase. Version 2.0.15 will be the final scheduled maintenance release.


During the Legacy phase Jive will no longer be performing scheduled maintenance releases.  Customers still running on 2.0.x are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of the product and should contact support for assistance with any problems encountered during upgrade.  Jive Software may continue to provide critical bug fix releases to customers on Legacy versions with current support contracts on an as needed basis.  In order to issue a patch for a Legacy version, the customer reported issue must be critical; I.E. loss of major functionality, the site is down, or customer is unable to upgrade.


If you have any questions on how this may affect your installation of Clearspace, please log a case in your account community in Jive's Support Portal, or send an email to Jive is committed to our customers success and their realizing the increased value and capabilities of our most recent releases.  If you wish to discuss any assistance or planning around your upgrade, please email us at


Information on our support policy can be found here Jive Support Services

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