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A Whole New Jivespace

Posted by gweinger Oct 31, 2008

As you may have noticed, we've given the communities at Jive a big overhaul.


We've been so busy building out the Supportal (have you see that beast yet? our very own support team built it and maintains it), thinking about Clearspace 3.0, and helping our customers build, deploy and grow awesome communities based on Clearspace that we haven't had the time to make our community the best that it can be. So a small group of us have been meeting clandestinely (well, not really all that secretly but it's more fun when you think about it that way) to see what we could do to make this community better. We spent a couple hours trying to figure out what was important to you (mostly getting quick resolutions to the problems that you sometimes run into with Clearspace, sometimes requesting new features or discussion improvements to existing features and last but not least, getting help building widgets, SSO integrations and plugins) and then we took a look at the vast number of spaces and groups and blogs and gum wrappers (kidding) that were strewn all over the community.  It was dirty, we admit it.


But that's all in the past. Old-timers (it's only been about 18 months!) here will remember the name Jivespace used to be reserved solely for the Developer and Plugin areas.  We'll now use the name Jivespace to refer to all communities hosted at  There are now only four distinct areas:


  • Support - Ask technical questions.  If you have a current support contract, you will also have a private community in addition to the public forums.
  • Features - Talk to the Jive product team about current features or what should be on the road map.
  • Developers - Access developer documentation and tips, and ask questions.
  • Plugin Downloads - Download plugins supplied by either the community or Jive.


But the same spirit remains: as we embark on the next phase of Jivespace, we're looking to you to tell us what you need.  We promise we'll be listening.

A bug was uncovered in our Rich Text Editor after the 2.5.3 release that we deemed important enough to fix before our next release of 2.5.4.  The bug affected tables and bulleted list item.


Please find the updated builds available for download on your purchases page

If you have any questions, please add them as comments to this blog post.




New releases today: 10/22/08

Downloads are available via your purchases page

Clearspace 2.5.3

Full Documentation

This version of Clearspace has added support for Italian and Japanese languages, Weblogic 9.2 Application Server and MS SQL 2005 Database Server


Clearspace 2.0.9

Full Documentation


Clearspace 1.10.15

Full Documentation


You can expect the next release of Clearspace in roughly 4 weeks.

You can download the latest version from your purchases page.


Clearspace 5.5.21 Changelog

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