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Clearspace 1.10 Now Available

Posted by nick Dec 28, 2007

Clearspace 1.10 was released yesterday and includes a number of minor bug fixes and improvements. Be sure to checkout the changelog if you are interested in what has changed.


We are going to continue putting out releases for the Clearspace 1.x series, but from this point forward they will only contain bug fixes and minor improvements. All new feature development has been moved to Clearspace 2.0, which will be available at the end of Q1 2008.

How to Structure a Community

Posted by dawn Dec 27, 2007

At a recent Portland Web Innovators meeting, I led a discussion about different ways to structure a community. This video contains a 20 minute discussion during this meeting where we talked about community structures ranging from emergent to highly structured to adaptive. I also blogged about this topic recently on Jive Talks




Or download the MPEG4 Video (~50MB)

If you want to easily embed videos in your Clearspace blog posts, documents, and discussions, we have two plugins that might be useful.


The YouTube macro lets you embed videos from YouTube, which is great for smaller videos.  For longer videos (more than the 10 minute YouTube limit), we have a plugin.


All of the videos on Jivespace use the plugin.  Here's an example in action:




Download or learn more about these plugins from Jivespace or visit our svn server to download the source and see how we did it!


If you are interested in writing your own plugin or macro for Clearspace, you can find plenty of information in our documentation space.

Learn more about creating, consuming and using feeds to pull relevant data out of Clearspace.  Aaron Johnson from Jive Software provides the details that a developer needs to use feeds in Clearspace.




Or Download the Quicktime version. CAUTION: 196 MB file!

The Clearspace 1.10 Beta is available for download.


Clearspace 1.10 is primarily a bug fix release. You can browse through the change log attached below if you want to know exactly what we changed. It would be great to have a few people from the Jivespace community kick the tires for a while. You can post any bugs, issues, or other feedback in the Clearspace Beta Program space.


As always, the standard caveats apply. Please keep in mind that we offer these betas to give developers an opportunity to test pre-released Jive Software. Do NOT run production environments using beta products. These beta products are entirely unsupported. However, we would love to hear your feedback about the beta product to help us improve the final version of Clearspace.

At Jive, we use our internal instance of Clearspace for everything, we call it Brewspace (hey, we're in Portland with a brew pub on every corner!) We keep all of our planning documents, weekly status updates, and more in Brewspace. We use the TaskList macro to track completion of tasks.



The TaskList macro gives authors the ability to generate and track a simple list of tasks. Each line inside the macro body is parsed as a separate task. Each task will display with a graphic button for marking the task complete. When this happens, the userid is also recorded and displayed.


The TaskListMacro applies authorization policies based on the surrounding context. In simpler terms, if you are an author for the piece of content, you can also edit the tasks.


Download or learn more about the TaskList Macro from Jivespace or visit our svn server to download the source and see how we did it!


If you are interested in writing your own plugin or macro for Clearspace, you can find plenty of information in our documentation space.

In this video, Bill Lynch and Greg Unrein talk about how product planning works at Jive Software, but more importantly they will give you an early look at some of our ideas to evolve Clearspace in 2008. If you have been wondering what we have been up to for the past couple of months as we release mostly bug fixes, here is your chance to learn more!




Or download the Quicktime version. Caution: 243MB file.

User Stats Widget Plugin Video

Posted by dawn Dec 7, 2007

Watch this video to learn more about how Rick Palmer from Jive Software created a widget for Clearspace to display more information about users. You can also get more information about the User Stats Widget Plugin, download it, or view the source code on Jivespace.<br><br>





Or you can download the Quicktime version (Caution! ~250 MB file!)

Have you ever wished you could easily download or browse all of the available Clearspace plugin source code? Now you can!


If you are interested in writing a Clearspace plugin, you can download our example plugin to use as a framework. The example plugin contains four sample plugins: action, macro, webservices, and widget. For those of you who are experienced writing Clearspace plugins, you might want to look at the code for all of the plugins to see some more complicated real world examples.


We have uploaded code for 4 community contributed plugins and 7 Jive developed plugins as a starting point.


If you are developing a plugin for Clearspace, and would like to get it in our svn repository send me a private message via Jivespace, and I'll get your commit permissions configured.


As always, our documentation space has more information about writing plugins.

Having problems keeping up with all of the activity in your Clearspace community? You can always use the many RSS feeds to keep up with content, but if you are looking for another option, you should take a look at Clearfox.


The Clearfox plugin installs a sidebar in your Firefox browser that keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest content in your Clearspace community. It is a Clearspace plugin and a Firefox extension all wrapped into one nice package.


If you want more details about how Aaron Johnson built Clearfox, he has posted all of the gory details as a two-part series on his blog: Creating a Firefox Sidebar for Clearspace: Part I and Part II


Download the plugin or learn more about Firefox Sidebar Plugin: Clearfox.


If you are interested in writing your own plugin or macro for Clearspace, you can find plenty of information in our documentation space.

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